Bendover Taxpayer: Here Come Obama’s Unvetted Syrian Muslims!

Syrian Muslims, who may or may not be terrorist sympathizers to the rescue! C’mon, Bitter Clinger. This country isn’t going to “remake” itself!

We have been talking about Obama’s stealth plan to augment his changing the demographics of the country by opening up the Southern border, and encouraging “unaccompanied children” from Central America to invade, by importing people from jihadist hotbeds like Syria for a year now. On last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show,  we told you that he is hellbent to meet his goal of 10,000 by the end of September, even if his Regime has no way of vetting them. Never doubt me.

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From The Daily Caller:

The first Syrian refugees admitted into the country under President Barack Obama’s contested resettlement program arrived in Missouri Wednesday from Jordan, where they had lived for three years after fleeing the Syrian civil war.
“I am ready to integrate in the U.S. and start a new life,” Ahmad al-Abboud, 45, told the Associated Press, as he and his wife and five kids boarded a plane for Kansas City — their new home.

The Obama administration plans to accept an extra 45,000 refugees in the next two years, including a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees by September, 2016, which will increase the annual total to at least 200,000 refugees. Most of the Syrian refugees will be resettled from Jordan, according to the regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in its capital of Amman, where the family had been living.

“The 10,000 [figure] is a floor and not a ceiling,” the coordinator, Gina Kassem, told the Associated Press. “And it is possible to increase the number.”

Resettling the additional refugees will cost billions of dollars in welfare, education and entitlement costs. A recent analysis of government data found more than 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps and more than 70 percent receive free healthcare. (emphasis mine)

Vetting? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


  1. twitter_ruthdianecotter

    I live in Fresno, CA, and my local Catholic TV channel has ads on it from the diocese telling us to accept these poor refugees fleeing from this, that, and the other horrible thing. No `or else’ or `you’ll go to hell if you don’t’ was in there, but it was definitely implied. So now we’ve got church ordering us to spend state’s money and take a huge life/death risk while doing so. Great.

    • Ruth, I am so sad to hear this report from you, but I am not at all surprised. As you know, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is one of the big “volags” (voluntary agencies) the get paid, largely through taxpayer $$, to “seed” the country with these “refugees.” I think parishoners like you have had enough, and are speaking up. The Left LOVES to whine about “separation of church and state” until they want to guilt people into accepting bad public policy under the guise of Christian charity. It’s despicable! Thanks so very much for this report, and for all your encouragement and report. Your suggestion about exploring Obama’s insistence on saying “ISIL” made for a very informative segment during last week’s show, which I great appreciate!

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