Benghazi: Here They Go Again. Christmas Document Dump

Benghazi Document Dump. Anything in there about a video?


Benghazi story won’t go away. Hillary is not amused.

From The Washington Examiner:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Thursday released 16 pages of sensitive documents related to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

The documents, released ahead of the Christmas holiday, include mostly blacked-out emails and some press clippings about events in Libya after the attack on the U.S. embassy, which left four Americans dead. The event has become a central part of Republican criticism of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State as she runs for president.

A few of the heavily redacted emails discuss the drafting of an assessment of the threat level before the attack occurred. Congress had requested the assessment in the months after the attack.

Why this latest release? Judicial Watch? No, this was a “proactive disclosure,” as in the Regime decided to put this stuff out over Christmas when they think no one is paying attention.

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  1. To bad we can not see what was redacted. I wonder whether a judge should make a determination of classified or what is sensitive data?

  2. Yep. Let’s hope she ends up behind bars.

  3. Mike, your comment pretty much captures it.

  4. How many U.S. ambassadors killed in the line of duty during Pres. Bush’ administration? And BTW, it’s a poor choice of words to talk about a “witch hunt” when we’re talking about Hillary.

  5. How exactly did Rep. Gowdy make a fool of himself? By campaigning for Rubio? If that’s what you mean, we’re on the same page.

  6. Wrong. In the 10/22 hearing, Hillary basically admitted that she is lying about Benghazi. Like that’s a news bulletin. Lies about being under enemy fire in Bosnia, about being named after Sir Edmund Hilary, about FBI files, etc. etc. The list never ends. She clearly violated the Espionage Act with her private server. David Patraeus was disgraced for much less than what she has done. Just because the corrupt Obama Regime won’t hold her accountable for breaking law doesn’t mean she didn’t. How could they hold her accountable when Obama’s gangsta government is the most lawless posse on the planet?

  7. The emails revealed at the 10/22 hearing prove that Hillary knew all along and deliberately mislead the American people about her culpability for the murder of 4 Americans. You do know that she is currently still under FBI investigation for her obvious violations of the Espionage Act, don’t you?

  8. So true, Cheri. If you’re wondering how anyone could even consider putting her in a position of responsibility, I’ll be discussing that on tomorrow’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, which you can hear right here, live from 5-7 pm, or any time on demand. Thanks for your comment.

  9. It was 9/11/2012, six weeks before the election.

  10. You’re partially right, Bill; what Susan Rice, specifically selected to go on every Sunday show and lie to the American people because she knew nothing about Benghazi and could recite the talking points prepared by the White House with plausible deniability, said about these murders, that they were caused by a YouTube video had nothing to do with what happened.

  11. Susan Rice a dear in the head lights. An Obamabot reciting the garbage he wants us to hear. He was asleep during the attack on Benghazi. Killary’s staff ignored 600, yes, 600 pleas for help and the bitch never lifted a finger. With the Ambassador dead, there was no one to testify about gun running to the rebels. Another cover up. Remember, this :woman” stood by her RAPIST “husband” and castigated all the woman he raped. She and Bill are alchies who continue to get bailed out by the DNC machine. CYA is her moto!
    Loathing is a mild feeling towards her.
    If she gets anointed, we are screwed beyond belief. Welcome to AmeriKa.
    Anyone who thinks that Bush is worse than Obama needs to have their head examined! 10 T debt to 19T in 7 years and 500 B to be added in 2016 to bankrupt us. One hell of a legacy. No healthcare, no security, overrun by Mexican disease carriers and terrorist cells. Wow.
    Rant over!

  12. Yep. Ironically, she is very two-faced, but both of them are very unattractive.

  13. Great comment, Thomas! Thanks so much!

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