Benghazi Takeaways, Part III

Even though all the media outlets that get take their agenda and their list of stories from the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times keep telling us that there’s “nothing new,” and “nothing to see here” in the House Select Committee’s Benghazi report, as we have seen here and here, that’s NOT true. There are many important takeaways.


There are many interesting takeaways in the Benghazi report that was released yesterday. For example:

Obama skipped his personal daily intelligence briefing the day after the Benghazi attack. From The Weekly Standard:

Among the many revelations that will emerge from the voluminous majority report of the Benghazi Select Committee when it is released Tuesday is this one: Barack Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing one day after the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012. The president’s briefer handed a written copy of the presidential daily briefing to a White House usher and then briefed Jack Lew, who was then serving as White House chief of staff. But Obama, who sometimes avails himself of the oral briefing that is offered along the written intelligence product, did not ask for such a briefing the day after the attacks on U.S. facilities in Libya.

That disclosure came during the Benghazi committee’s transcribed interview with the executive coordinator of Obama’s presidential daily briefing (or PDB, for short), a veteran intelligence officer who rose through the ranks in Army intelligence and then the Defense Intelligence Agency before serving as the president’s top briefer. It is buried deep in the committee’s report, in Appendix H—a 14-page examination of how that briefer came to include an assessment in the PDB that the Benghazi attacks were likely a planned attack and not a protest gone awry. It’s not unusual for Obama to skip his oral briefing, but his decision to pass on the PDB on September 12, 2012, will no doubt generate additional questions.

The disclosure also sheds some additional light on the president’s engagement during and after the attacks—an area that has remained something of a black hole throughout previous Benghazi investigations. The White House has provided little detail on Obama’s activities throughout the Benghazi attacks and their aftermath, refusing to answer to questions from journalists about the president’s whereabouts and actively working to keep information from investigators with the Select Committee.

As we noted in this post, even The New York Times admitted that the Obama administration was uncooperative with those trying to investigate what led to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. For example, Obama refused to respond to a June 7 letter from Rep. Trey Gowdy asking Obama a series of questions about the attack, as Politico reported.

Gowdy on June 7 sent more than a dozen questions seeking more detail on various questions about Benghazi. He wanted to know, for example, if Obama ever authorized covert actions to provide weapons to Libyan rebels; if the president had ever personally viewed the surveillance footage of the attack; when Obama learned of the identities of terrorists involved that day; and whether he was aware of “any efforts by White House and Department of Defense official during [the attack] to reach out to YouTube and Terry Jones regarding an anti-Muslim video?”

Gowdy never got a response. Eggleston instead sharply criticized the panel’s motives for sending the inquiry.

The letter, Appendix C of the report, is here.

Maybe HWWOW (He Who Walks on Water)  didn’t have time. Of course, he did have time to do make this video for Buzzfeed, designed to mobilize one of his core group of supporters, low information, morons to get out to vote.

One final thought: as we noted in Part I of our Benghazi Takeaways, one the evening of the attack, there was an emergency meeting attended by Hillary Clinton. Five of the 10 action items at this meeting focused on the YouTube video that no one in Libya saw or heard of. From the report: “The fact the 7:30 p.m. White House meeting, which took place while Ambassador Stevens was considered missing and before Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty were killed, was about the attacks in Benghazi but much of the conversation focused on the video is surprising given no direct link or solid evidence existed connecting the attacks in Benghazi and the video at the time the White House meeting took place.”  Now check this out, also from the report:

“By this time [more than 6 hours after the president had supposedly said to do everything possible to help and more than 5 hours after the Secretary of Defense had issued an order to deploy elements] , both McDonough and the Secretary had made calls to have the YouTube video removed from the internet.429 Yet, none of the forces the Secretary ordered to deploy had actually moved.” (emphasis mine)

So, help was not sent to rescue these brave Americans, but the Secretary of Defense is calling YouTube? You CAN NOT BE SERIOUS.


  1. In a sense I agree, we have learned nothing new from this report. We have merely received confirmation of what most of us were able to surmise on the day after the attacks occurred. It was a pre-planned terrorist attack, not a protest over an amateur video that got out of hand.
    Our people were sent into harm’s way with inadequate security resources and despite numerous repeated requests for additional security they received none. When the predictable occurred and they called for help, no help was forthcoming.
    Since that day there has been never ending obfuscation from the Obama administration about the events of that night and no one has been held accountable in any meaningful way for the deaths of four Americans on foreign soil including an Ambassador.
    I’m not sure why so many think that this report absolves Hillary and the Obama administration of any and all blame in this matter. In my humble opinion it does quite the opposite.

    • You are right, Robert. I’m not sure how many people think the report absolves Hillary and Obama. You are correct that the report does do the opposite. It’s definitely the media’s goal to make most people think that they were absolved and we do have ample evidence that people are walking around deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to what’s really going on, which is what drives me nuts. That’s why I do what I do, to try to push back the frontiers of ignorance.

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