Best Line of the Last Night’s GOP Convention Speeches: “I’ll Be Damned! We’re Republicans!”

Yes, Paul Ryan, although nervous, knocked it out of the park. Condi Rice, sans PrompTer, with her stressing American exceptionalism, both in the need to lead, and not “from behind, and by reminding us of her personal story growing up in segregated Birmingham, was surprisingly good. Still, I thought the line of the night belonged to New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a former democrat. Describing a lunch with some GOP members trying to recruit her, she said that after the discussion of issues, she told her husband,  “I’ll be damned. We’re Republicans.”

UPDATE: Here’s the video:


  1. Paul Ryan’s now popular statement about the college grad still living at his parent’s home staring at the fading Obama poster was great.
    My interpretation: This is exactly how the Democrats want it to be. They want to keep everyone a child, a child of the government, so they can control us.

    • Darla, as usual, you are right on target. That’s Obama’s vision of a downsized and diminished Amerika, paying the price for its racist, imperialist sins.
      BTW, have you used my promo code to download the Stitcher Radio app? If you have a smartphone or an iPad, it would be a big help to show, and I’d consider it a favor. Thanks so much!

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