Beware the Phrase “Sensible Gun Control Laws,” or Why Obama is The Best Gun Salesman In History

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

2013 was another record setting year for gun sales in America.  That is a record over the preceding year 2012, which, itself, set a record for that twelve-month period, as well.  If this continues the gun making industry will hate to see Obama leave office in 2017. Consider:

In terms of the numbers, 2013 was another record year, government data from the FBI’s controversial “background check” system showed. According to news reports, over 21 million applications were processed by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) last year. Because one background check can be used to purchase multiple firearms, the number of guns sold might even be higher. In 2012, there were just under 20 million.

Overall, nationwide gun sales, as measured by NICS data, were up eight percent over 2012’s record-setting figures. Every year for the last 11 years has seen an increase in gun purchases. However, analysts say the “shameless” post-Newtown mega-push for new infringements on gun rights by the Obama administration and its increasingly discredited allies in the establishment media played a key role in the dramatic surge witnessed in late 2012 and into 2013.

The Obama Administration is the most “tone-deaf” administration in my lifetime.  As Obama continues to attack gun owners and the 2nd Amendment, with his executive orders, or decrees, he is also building a case for his own abuse of power by exceeding the constitutional limits on his power and thereby violating his oath of office.

There is an article all Americans need to read here, entitled “Obama to Prevent “Dangerous” People From Owning Guns.”  Its author is Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

In the article Mr. Wolverton makes the case that Obama is acting outside his authority, outside the boundaries placed on his power by the constitution.

The cause of the surge in gun sales in America?  First and foremost is a president who stated clearly that he intended to seek “sensible” gun control laws.  Gun owners believe that the gun grabber’s definition of sensible” is entirely different from theirs. “Sensible” to a gun owner means keeping your weapon pointed down range at all times, safety on ’til you’re ready to fire, etc. These phrases aren’t even included in the lexicon of the gun grabbing Left. When I hear the phrase “sensible gun control regulations/laws” I cringe.

But the most important reason Americans are purchasing guns and ammunition at  monumental rates is because they sense they may be called upon to defend their constitution — and their country — from a Marxist takeover in the near future.  Americans are preparing to defend themselves and their freedom by force of arms — if it becomes necessary.

I know.  THAT is a difficult truth to come to grips with, but there it is.

The Founders of this country knew their fellow Americans well enough that they understood Americans would tolerate their government’s abuse of freedom and liberty, until it reached a point at which it could no longer be accepted.  They knew that once Americans decided that point had been reached, they would act to rescue their country from the clutches of tyranny. 

Today, in America, you can feel the urgency, the anxiety, and yes, even anticipation in the very air we share as brothers and sisters of liberty.

Let me be clear:  I’m not advocating anything other than a return to the free, constitutional, representative government our forefathers intended for us. I am simply pointing — and attempting to draw attention — to the state our country finds itself in today.  The America we live in today is NOT the America designed by the Founders of this country. 

Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Hancock, Rutledge, Lynch, Middleton, Heyward, Penn, Hewes, Hooper, None of these men who placed their lives, liberty, fortunes, and above all — their sacred honor on the alter of freedom would not recognize the place that, today, bears the name — but not the likeness — of the country they founded.  America has become that which they despised most.  

Consider the following:  “The government required people to register their guns, insisting it was for their own protection, a way of tracking down criminals that was supposed to cut down on crime.

In reality, however, it was merely a ruse to track down those patriots who might resist the coming tyranny.”

So explains Kitty Werthmann in a speech going viral on the Internet, a story of her life in Austria right before the Nazi occupation of her home country in 1938. As she explains, her nation’s surrender to Nazi tyranny didn’t begin with the Anschluss, but with little steps like acquiescing to gun-control laws:

“Dictatorship didn’t happen overnight. I took five years, gradually, little by little, to escalate up to a dictatorship,” she said. “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny. When the government fears the people, that’s you, that’s liberty. Keep your guns, keep your guns and buy more guns!”      

It is the 2nd Amendment that guarantees all the rest.  It’s as simple as that.

I’m a Son of the South.  Maybe we southerners are a bit more sensitive to encroachment on our freedom by government.  See, we are the only region of America to be invaded, conquered, and occupied by a foreign power. For twelve long years (1865 thru 1877) our society, our way of life,  was brutally disassembled, taken apart, by a vengeful central government.  One hundred and thirty-seven years after Reconstruction officially ended the scars are still red, angry, swollen, and tender.

At the behest of General R.E. Lee, my ancestors grounded their weapons and became good citizens casting their lot with southerners of all classes to rebuild our broken land.

Now, we, the progeny of those brave men, sense a genuine threat to our freedom — yet  again. 

Perhaps you will forgive us if we seem a bit restless these days.  It is not in our nature to submit quietly to the shackles of  the tyrant. Understand if we seem overly eager to be in the vanguard of the defense of our constitution.  It is, I suspect, because having lost our freedom in April of 1865, we know, all to well, the value of freedom and the cost of losing that freedom.

Wave away all the smoke, turn the mirrors to the wall, and the truth can be seen clearly.  Mr. Obama, through his words, deeds, and declarations has made it clear that he finds our constitution abhorrent.  It is Obama’s propensity for shrugging off the will of the people and the bonds of the constitution on government that have made him the gun salesman of the year. 

Individual freedom is the birthright of ALL Americans.  The single most important obligation an American has toward the constitution is to protect it and thereby protect our birthright — freedom.

J. D. Longstreet

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