Biden Continues Obama Regime’s Disinformation Campaign about Benghazi

As noted in this post, last night during the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden employed the standard liberal playbook; that is, mocking laughter, feigned outrage and flat out lying. He blatantly continued the month long disinformation campaign about the murder of four Americans in Libya by contradicting the testimony of Former Department of State Libyan Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom who testified before a House committee about the administration either ignoring or denying requests for increased security.

The media is giving good ole’ Joe credit for a “gaffe free” performance. I suppose that they are using Michael Kinsley’s definition of the word “gaffe.” Or perhaps they, being leftists themselves, are perfectly comfortable with barefaced lies in the service of the Cause, even if it involves dead Americans.

Paul Ryan did well overall, but he missed a huge opportunity to call out this blatant lie. Fortunately, this debate isn’t the end of that issue despite Joe Biden’s ridiculous assertion that the subject is closed somehow by Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. Mitt Romney must hold the Administration’s feet to the fire on this disgraceful episode.

Remember the incessant wailing about Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and George W. Bush, and their alleged “lies” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction? The “best intel we had at the time” answer didn’t make a dent in that, despite the fact that (a )it was true and (b) the subject was a secretive enemy of America. In this case, we are getting this “best intel answer” about something over which the One and his administration had complete control.

This isn’t the end, Joe. It’s just the beginning.

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