Biden’s Buffoonish Gun Ban Side Show: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

This week we witnessed the ridiculous, predictable, and sometimes infuriating, spectacle of Joe Biden’s silly sideshow, in which he pretended that he and Barack Obama were interested in finding “solutions” to “gun violence,” when in fact for years their “solution” was pre-determined; specifically, infringement on the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens. This idiotic Kabuki aside, we don’t need to wait until Tuesday to hear them unveil these “comprehensive” proposals. It’s a forgone conclusion. Everyone in this administration is hard-wired to believe that you have no right to defend yourself with a firearm, and everybody knows it. Even NBC’s David “Howdy Doody” Gregory can figure this one out. Will B. Hussein Obama attempt to continue his pattern of lawlessness by trampling on our rights with an end run around Congress, an executive order? We’ll talk about that with our guest, Mark Walters, columnist for Concealed Carry Magazine, host of Armed American Radio, and author of Lessons from Armed America.

Speaking of Mr. Gregory, as we warned you, despite his willful violation of the draconian anti-freedom D.C. gun laws that he enthusiastically supports, the authorities let him skate scot free, proving that there are two systems of justice, one for the rich and powerful, and one for the little people. Ah, but, Bitter Clinger, in this case, there’s more to it than that. Is it possible that the personal relationship between someone very close to Mr. Gregory and D.C. Attorney General, the man who decided to give the liberal newsreader a break, Irv Nathan, could have had something to do with this case?

Barack Obama presented his latest political hack for an important cabinet position, Jack Lew, infamous for his laughable lies about Barack Obama’s budget to a Senate panel in February 2011. The awesome Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) vows that he must not be confirmed. What say you?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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