Big Fun Friday: Caption Contest

A friend recently received a postcard from the One’s campaign with this image on the front, and I thought it would be fun to add our own captions.

Add your own caption

Let me get things started with a few suggestions.

“What if Frank Marshall Davis really IS my real father?”

“Where did I put that birth certificate?”

What can I screw up next? (h/t GG)

What’s your idea?


  1. some people still have jobs,what to do, what to do ?

  2. Hmm, OK, what do I say now that the Teleprompter is down?

  3. Destroying the American economy is hard work. That must be why I’m so tired.

  4. I gotta move back to Chcago? That mayor sucks!

  5. I really need a cigarette. No wait–some blow.

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