Big Fun Friday: Michelle, the Ocean Called. They’re Running Out of Lobster.

While the economy continues its pathetic limping along on the road to no where (or is it the road to serfdom?), the Dear Reader and his bitter half continue their revelry at the $30,000 a week resort. Not that you’d know that from watching LSM (Lame Stream Media) reports. We’ve seen more news out of North Korea in the last couple of weeks than we have from Martha’s Vineyard, and for good reason: with the downward revision of the second quarter economic growth to a feeble 1.6%, it’s not good for business for the boss to be seen living large while everything is going down the toilet, and his PR flaks know when to say icks-NAY on the arty-PAY stories. Do we really want to see Michelle the Moocher devouring another ice cream cone the size of a basketball when we’re worried about losing our jobs, our homes, and our health insurance? Loss of the last is a given unless we are able to get Obama’s hideous health care system destruction scheme repealed STAT. Stay tuned.

Given the news black out from the Obamas’ latest summer vacation (number 6 for those keeping count), as a public service here’s a photo to show that no matter how tough times may be in your ‘hood, in the Obamas’ world, it’s all moonlight, roses, golf and lobster. Mostly lobster.

(H/T to White House Dossier for this cool photo)

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