Biggest Lies of 2012: Benghazi

Here’s what Barack Hussein Obama said on Sunday, December 30, 2012 on “Meet the Press” when asked about the murder of four Americans on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, the first time that an American ambassador has been killed in the line of duty since 1979..

GREGORY: Let me ask you about a couple of foreign policy notes. After the attack in Benghazi, is there a need for more accountability so that this doesn’t happen again? And do you know who was behind the attack at this point? (emphasis mine in every case here)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Two points. Number one, I think that Tom Pickering and Mike Mullen who headed up the– the review board did a very thorough job in identifying what were some severe problems in diplomatic security. And they provided us with a series of recommendations. Many of them were already starting to be implemented. Secretary Clinton has indicated that she is going to implement all of them.

What I’ve– my message to the State Department has been very simple. And that is we’re going to solve this. We’re not going to be defensive about it. We’re not going to pretend that this was not a problem. This was a huge problem. And we’re going to implement every single recommendation that’s been put forward.

Some individuals have been held accountable inside of the State Department and what I’ve said is that we are going to fix this to make sure that this does not happen again, because these are folks that I send into the field. We understand that there are dangers involved but, you know, when you read the report and it confirms what we had already seen, you know, based on some of our internal reviews; there was just some sloppiness, not intentional, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don’t have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies. So we’re doing a thorough-going review. Not only will we implement all the recommendations that were made, but we’ll try to do more than that. You know, with respect to who carried it out, that’s an ongoing investigation. The FBI has sent individuals to Libya repeatedly. We have some very good leads, but this is not something that, you know, I’m going to be at liberty to talk about right now.

“Sloppiness?” That’s right up there with the murder of these four Americans as “bumps in the road” in its insensitivity, and it’s also extremely misleading. On December 31, 2012, the Senate–that’s the Democrat-controlled Senate–Committee on Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs-released a scathing report on the Benghazi disaster, concluding that

[I]n the months leading up to the attack on the Temporary Mission Facility in

Benghazi, there was a large amount of evidence gathered by the U.S. Intelligence

Community (IC) and from open sources that Benghazi was increasingly dangerous and

unstable, and that a significant attack against American personnel there was becoming

much more likely. While this intelligence was effectively shared within the Intelligence

Community (IC) and with key officials at the Department of State, it did not lead to a

commensurate increase in security at Benghazi nor to a decision to close the American

mission there, either of which would have been more than justified by the intelligence


Here’s what they mean.

The RSO (Regional Security Officer) in Libya compiled a list of 234 security incidents in Libya between June

2011 and July 2012, 50 of which took place in Benghazi, including the following notable incidents:


May 22, 2012-2 RPG’s hit the Red Cross/Red Crescent building in Benghazi. “Several days later, the Brigades of the Imprisoned Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman claimed responsibility for this attack, accusing the ICRC of proselytizing in Libya.”


June 6, 2012-this same group of wackos claimed credit for blowing a hole in the wall of the U.S. Temporary Mission Facility in Benghazi  with an IED.


June 11, 2012-RPG attack on the convoy of the British Ambassador to Libya


June 18, 2012-”the Tunisian consulate in Benghazi was stormed by individuals

affiliated with Ansar al-Sharia Libya (AAS), allegedly because of “attacks by Tunisian

artists against Islam.”

So, “sloppiness” is a very generous, and dishonest, way for the One to characterize the reckless disregard that his State Department had for the safety of Americans serving harm’s way. Can there be any doubt about the reason? The Obama administration wanted to run out the pre-election clock on this disgraceful episode, which resulted from their desperate need to preserve the official story that our Dear Reader had destroyed al Qaeda, when in fact the terrorist organization is on the march, emboldened by the One’s “lead from behind” strategy. The only thing destroyed is their narrative, as evidenced by our terrorist enemy’s greatest success against their great Satan since the original 9/11 attacks, on the very anniversary of those first horrible attacks. The truth about what really happened would make the Obama administration look very bad, but fortunately a compliant media would make sure that it didn’t get out. Consider that for several weeks we’ve known the truth; specifically, that the intelligence community knew nearly immediately that the Benghazi attack was a pre-meditated, terrorist attack, and that the risible story everyone in the Obama administration tried to sell about a “spontaneous” demonstration caused by a YouTube video that almost no one saw wasn’t true. Did David “Howdy Doody” Gregory even offer the slightest challenge to the One’s assertion about the “ongoing investigation?” Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Of course he didn’t!

On the September 16 edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, the very day that Susan Rice made a politically-motivated horse’s hind end of herself on 5 Sunday shows, we played the audio for you, and told you at the time that this act was as phony as everything else about this bunch. More about that here.

John Nolte at Breitbart has an excellent summary of the coverup of the coverup here, citing a CBS News story, in which he notes

So, if what CBS is reporting is true, this is what we know now:

1. At the time, Susan Rice knew the information she repeated five times on five Sunday shows wasn’t true.

2. The edited talking points were never meant to deceive and conceal the fact that what happened in Libya was a terror attack. And yet, that’s exactly what Rice and the White House did for nearly two weeks.

3. Contrary to what the White House and media told us, the talking points were not edited to keep the group responsible for the attack from knowing we were on to them. Therefore…

4. We were lied to for reasons that had nothing to do with national security

5. The media’s going to allow the Obama Administration to get away with this. (Why else would CBS play down its own story the way they did this one?)

So what some have taken to calling “Benghazigate” is without question one of the biggest lies of 2012. Not that many people seem to care.


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