Was Bill Clinton Really Playing Golf in Phoenix? Doubtful

So 1 week ago today, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had their “coincidental” “secret” meeting on a Phoenix tarmac, where they talked about golf and grandchildren. Right.

On yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we explained what Loretta Lynch was doing in Phoenix; that is, placing the boot of the federal government on the neck of the Phoenix Police Department, explaining their need to implement “implicit bias” training aka Repent Whitey for your centuries of unfair white privilege, and make sure you don’t hassle any thugs like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. OK, but what Bill Clinton was doing in Phoenix? Except the local reporter who broke the story says it didn’t happen. Watch the video:

MMM…Actually, as some of you have commented on social media, it always seemed hard to believe that a senior citizen with a heart condition would be playing golf in 110 degree heat. The local reporter Christopher Sign is now reporting that Bill Clinton was in town for a fundraiser (what else is new?)

As it turns out, there are some other problems with this story; specifically, remember this original video, posted here at our site on Tuesday:


Notice how he says at ~:16 that Clinton met up with Lynch “as she was arriving.” Which was it? Why haven’t we heard from Bill Clinton? He was with Hillary Saturday night at a performance of the popular Broadway show “Hamilton,” but he said nothing about this meeting. All reports say that he deliberately waited for her plane to land, obviously so he could talk to her. We don’t know if, when he did that, or now, he and Hillary know what the FBI is going to recommend to Attorney Lynch.

Maybe these inconsistencies, in a sort of ironic way, point out the reason that they had the meeting; that is, to get their stories straight.

There is more Loretta Lynch news, which I will post momentarily. In the meantime, what say you? What do you think is going on with what some are calling “TarmacGate?”



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