Bill Clinton Got Over $5Million from Sharia Law Education Company

The Clintons and the Democrats do seem to have a number of Sharia connections, don’t they? (Huma “Mrs. Carlos Danger” Weiner, Khizr “EB2 Visa” Khan) Why isn’t our media the least bit interested?


From The Daily Caller:

Former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from GEMS Education, a Dubai-based company that teaches Sharia Law through its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

The company’s finances strictly adhere to “Sharia Finance,” which includes giving “zakat,” a religious tax of which one-eighth of the proceeds is dedicated to funding Islamic jihad.

The company also contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

The former president served as honorary chairman for GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, according to federal tax returns he filed with his wife, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. …

Clinton’s relationship with the Sharia-oriented education firm drew critical reviews from anti-terrorism experts.

“Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda,” asked counter-terror analyst Stephen Coughlin in an interview with TheDCNF.

GEMS is one of the most dominant educational programs in the Middle East, with 51 separate schools operating in the region. Globally, the for-profit company claims that 250,000 students are learning under its program in 170 countries.

Outside of the Middle East and North Africa, GEMS operates schools in Kenya, Uganda, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom.

GEMS even has two “international” schools in Chicago.

At the GEMS Jumeirah Primary School in Abu Dhabi, the website promotes Islam as a central tenet of its curriculum. “Our aim is teach all Muslim students the pillars of Islam, Islamic faith and morals, enabling them to efficiently apply them to their lives. To increase the knowledge of Islam we share with the children, the stories of prophets, manners of living a Muslim’s life, the five pillars of Islam.”

The Dubai firm has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to the foundation website. GEMS was an official sponsor of the 2013 and 2014 Clinton Global Initiative. Its Indian-born CEO Sunny Varkey attended both years.

This is a long, investigative piece, and I recommend that you read the whole thing, unless of course you want to wait for the extensive reports that you will see about this news on the pretend news, including those truth seekers over at CNN.


  1. I remember hearing endless repetitions of the conspiracy theory that President Bush had spirited the Saudi relatives of Bin Laden out of the country after 9/11 at the behest of the Saudi king and how the Bush administration had orchestrated the 9/11 attacks in league with the Saudis and the Israelis to provide a pretense for invading the Middle East and stealing oil. Video of President Bush holding hands with the Saudi King was considered very fishy. The Clintons taking tens of millions directly from the Saudis and other Saudi connected sources not so much.

    • What a great point! I think I’ll ask the boys and girls at CNN if they plan to do a story on this latest Clinton outrage, and compare it with their coverage of President Bush. Ha ha
      Thanks for this terrific comment!

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