Blabbermouth Brennan Has Some Splainin’ To Do

Barack Obama’s nomination of John Brennan has liberals reviving their wails about his complicity in the evil Bush administration’s “torture” of people like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, however, there are other, and potentially, more serious obstacles to his confirmation; specifically, the issue of Benghazi, raised in this post, where we praised Sen. Lindsay Graham for demanding answers before he agrees to allow Brennan’s confirmation to proceed. Then there’s also this issue. From Politico:

The bitter election-year battle over alleged White House leaks of national security secrets is heating up again — this time fueled by President Barack Obama’s pick for CIA director.

Obama’s nomination of counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to lead the CIA is reviving long-simmering claims that the president’s aides leaked classified information to bolster his reelection chances. …


The White House acted swiftly to counter accusations of national security leaks last spring.

McCain charged in June that the leaks came from “the highest levels of the White House” to “paint a portrait of the president of the United States as a strong leader on national security issues.”

Several Democrats, including Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein of California, also expressed strong concern about the disclosures, though without suggesting they were politically tinged.

“I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks,” Feinstein told the World Affairs Council in Washington last July.

Obama angrily denied in a news conference that his aides were leaking information. “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive — it’s wrong,” the president said in June. He did not specifically address whether his aides could have inadvertently revealed classified information.

Do we really want to put someone in charge of the CIA who is willing to jeopardize our national security by running his mouth to Obama’s stenographer’s in the Lame Stream Media?

Remember Brennan’s news conference after the killing of bin Laden? For some reason, and I think we know what that is (it starts with a “re” and ends with an “election), he had to march up to the podium to “engage with the American people” by providing misinformation that later had to be walked back.

Shades of Susan Rice. The Obama administration has turned our country’s national security into another opportunity to play politics. There is no other explanation for Brennan’s need to blab about the bin Laden raid. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, disgusted by these leaks, had the best advice: “Shut the f up.”

Then there was this embarrassing episode, which is currently under criminal investigation. Also from Politico:

Last May, as a story was unfolding about the disruption of a Yemen-based plot to bomb an aircraft bound for the U.S., Brennan held a private teleconference with national security and terrorism commentators for the major television networks, Reuters reported. On the call, Brennan said the plot didn’t pose a direct threat because the U.S. had “inside control” of it, according to the wire service.

Within hours, ABC reported that U.S. officials “had somebody on the inside who wasn’t going to let it happen.” By the following day, press accounts said the U.S. had a mole inside Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Reuters story suggested Brennan helped set in motion news reports that caused the operation to be shut down prematurely, but the White House called that notion “ridiculous.”

When they start throwing around words like “offensive” and “ridiculous,” we know we’ve struck pay dirt.

John Brennan will probably be confirmed, but he should be required to explain why he can’t follow former Sec. Gates’ advice.


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