Black Lies Matter with Author & Critic of the Race Grievance Industry, Taleeb Starkes: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 010

Taleeb Starkes spend several years as a teenager in the projects, but his mother assured him that was not a permanent situation. While there he observed that many people had completely bought in to the terribly destructive victim mentality that has played a big part in damaging the black community and creating the pathologies of illegitimacy and celebrating a “gangsta” (read crime and violence) sub-culture, and presenting it as the face of the black community, when in fact these people are the exceptions not the rule. Listen to our “black barbershop” conversation, in which Taleeb speaks truths that many blacks don’t want white people to hear. What can we do to challenge the Left, which is currently winning the culture war?

Dangerous Thinkers


Key Points

While the rate of illegitimacy in the black community is a huge problem, another major issue is the celebration of a criminal underclass as the cultural face of black America.

Unfortunately, many black people are more concerned about “race traitors” than they are about the rate of black on black crime.

The Left is winning the Culture War. What can common sense Americans do about that?

We need to talk about solutions, not just problems, problems, problems.

We need to be pro-active, not reactive. We have to counterpunch.

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