Black Lives Matter, Part 9789: Arrest in Murder of 9 Year Old Tyshawn Lee

Remember the little boy Tyshawn Lee, poster child for the social pathology of the ghetto, which democrats created starting 50 years ago with their “War on Poverty?” A low-life scumbag is accused of his murder.

Tyshawn Lee, Pierre Stokes

This is Pierre Stokes, a Chicago gang member’s 9 year old child was murdered, but he won’t help the police solve the crime.

This story is a follow up to this story.

From ABC News:

Chicago man initially planned to cut the fingers and ears off the 9-year-old son of a member of a rival gang but ended up luring the boy into an alley with the promise of a juice box and shooting him dead, authorities said Tuesday.

Dwright Boone-Doty, 22, was charged Monday in the Nov. 2 killing of Tyshawn Lee. He has been jailed since a November arrest on unrelated gun charges. Prosecutors also charged him with shooting two people about two weeks earlier, including a 19-year-old woman who died from her wounds. Authorities said revenge was also the motive in that attack, which the 20-year-old male victim survived.

Tyshawn Lee was one of 400 homicide victims in Chicago last year, but the fourth-grader’s death shocked the city because, according to police, he was killed for no other reason than to punish his father.

“In nearly 30 years of policing I have never witnessed such a hateful act of treachery and savageness toward an innocent child whose life barely had the chance to flourish,” Interim Chicago Police Superintendent John Escalante told reporters Tuesday. “And sadly (Tyshawn) paid the ultimate price for gang violence, senseless gang violence, that plagued his neighborhood.”

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Black Lives Matter morons, care to comment on this case, or are you too busy finding white police officers to harass?

The “War on Poverty” has degenerated into a War on Law Enforcement and children like Tyshawn Lee are just collateral damage to the venal politicians who continue to pursue their wrong-headed policies.


  1. It’s the Obamahood. I remember the last time Obama spoke out about these, or not! LBJ also had no respect for black lives, only their votes for the next 200 years!

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