Blame it all on global warming…

The other day, I read an article about the disappearance of the polar ice cap. This means that the oceans will rise, and we will pretty much all drown, or something. Even if we survive, we will have to find some way to get through life without polar bears (unless we go to the zoo, which is the only place any of us would see a polar bear anyway.) Of course, the reason that the polar ice cap is melting is global warming, also known as climate change also known as man made climate change also knows as man made catastrophic climate change. Let’s stipulate that we believe in the oxymoron “scientific consensus” (an oxymoron because there is no consensus where science is involved; to be scientific it has to be provable.)

Okay, so the North Pole is melting. Bad news for Santa Claus and polar bears but good news for Eskimos (they can finally wear shorts.) But today I read another piece that said that the ice sheet on the South Pole is expanding, and that that is also due to global warming et al. So. global warming is causing both the shrinking of the ice cap and the expansion of the ice cap. Does that mean if we stop global warming, the South Pole will shrink and the North Pole will expand? If so, what’s the point? The take home lesson:
Drill, baby, drill.

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