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Just about 36 hours after Barack Obama stunned his slobbering sycophant supporters by falling flat on his face in the first presidential debate, miraculously, he received extremely good news from his minions at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the first time since he took office in 2009, America’s unemployment rate has fallen below 8%! How amazing is that! These numbers demonstrate that those of us who disputed the Lame Stream Media’s characterization of this man as preternatural were clearly wrong, since they are the economic equivalent of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. And like that miracle, it is not explainable by reference to normal human experience. How does the economy create only 114,000 new jobs, yet 873,000 more Americans reported having jobs! He truly is “The One.” Even if this astonishing new unemployment number is true, is it really reasonable to be doing the Happy Dance over unemployment at 7.8%? What happened to that 5% unemployment rate we were promised when we shoveled nearly $1 trillion of cash from our Chinese bankers into Barack Obama’s “stimulus?”

It’s a good thing that these numbers came out when they did, and that the stenographers on the LSM reported on them with their usual lack of curiosity about the obvious inconsistency between the number of jobs created and the nearly million people who suddenly have jobs. This dramatic news changed the subject from the fact that B. Hussein had his skinny rear end handed to him in front of nearly 70 million people. Coincidence?

What did Obama’s own supporters have to say about his lame performance? They were very disappointed, to say the least. We’ll have a visit from a real journalist who interviewed a number of them on Thursday.


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