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As he allows himself to be duped by an Iranian charm offensive designed to reduce the pain of economic sanctions and buy time to finish up that nuclear weapon they’ve been working on, and toting his TelePrompTer to another college campaign speech, King Barack has declared that he will not even talk to the Republicans in the House of Representatives. In fact, as he cozies up to one of the world’s number one sponsors of terrorism, Iran, a country which has suffered very few consequences for many of its murderous acts, including its involvement in 1998 Embassy bombings, his dimwitted mouthpieces refer to Republicans as “terrorists,” “anarchists,” and “suicide bombers.” Yet, which party is the one that refuses to compromise? Which is the one that demands “purity,” on a par with Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s crystal blue meth?

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The clueless “experts” in the Lame Stream Media and elites in both parties, not only the democrats, but his fellow Republicans remain disgusted by “radical” Texas senator Ted Cruz, who has blatantly committed the ultimate crime for a member of the GOP, violating the sacred code of “civility” that has enabled the Left’s incremental destruction of the country envisioned by the Founders. How dare this guy run around telling the truth and showing leadership? How dare he suggest that Washington should listen to the screams of pain from the American people, suffering under a law enacted through back room deals, bribes, lies and any other sort of skullduggery straight out of the Cook County playbook? This very law, by the way, is so heinous that its own proponents have exempted themselves and their friends from it, another favorite Chicago tactic. These issues have come a head as we are 48-hours from a “government shutdown.” Oh no! How we will survive the furlough of a few fat, dumb and happy bureaucrats for a few days?

One bright side to this conflict, in addition to that afore-mentioned furlough, as Chris Matthews pointed out: we have finally found one baby that Barack Obama wants to make sure isn’t killed.

Be ahead of the curve. Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


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