WATCH: BOMBSHELL: Citizens United Email Reveals That Clinton Campaign May Have Manipulated Benghazi Hearing

Citizens United email bombshell! So much for independent oversight. A newly-released email, provided to Fox News by Citizens United, strongly suggests that Hillary and her peeps coordinated with Sen. Bob Menendez to make sure she got to recite her talking points at the January 23, 2013 hearing, famous for the cringe-inducing “what difference at this point does it make?” moment.

I know it’s really tough to believe that Democrats would try to deceive the public by manipulating an allegedly objective Congressional hearing, but the evidence seems pretty clear that that is exactly what happened.

Lies, lies about lying, obstruction of justice, bribery. I know what you are thinking. For heaven’s sake, why haven’t we put this woman in charge of everything yet?

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