Bonus Audio: Obama-loving Freeloaders Proudly Talk About The “Obama Bucks” They Get From You

Alexandra Pelosi is the daughter of the former Speaker of the House, and a regular contributor to Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO. On last Friday’s show, she presented her latest report for Maher’s show, in which she interviewed people outside the welfare office near where she lives. The first person she spoke to was a doorman at a nearby building, who couldn’t understand why able-bodied people don’t want to work. We played you that audio, and another clip, in which a young woman says she’s supporting Obama because “he gives me stuff.”

As promised, here’s some bonus audio that we didn’t have time to play:

A.Pelosi-3-Do You Want to Work or Do You Just Want a Check?

A.Pelosi-B.Maher-4-HBO Didn’t Want This Report Aired

More here (including the video).

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