Boo Freakin’ Hoo: Clock Boy Whines, and Sues, Over His Lost “Creativity”

Is it just me, or does this “clock” look like an f’ing bomb?

No matter. Just another persecuted Muslim, Ahmed Mohammed, says he is not safe in Texas at a news conference where he and his family announce that they are suing the Texas school district of his erstwhile school, as well as its principal and the City of Irvine, Texas. Running for their lives, this persecuted family relocated to a more friendly venue, Qatar, where he can express his creativity in peace without a bunch of hateful rednecks accusing him of making hoax bombs.


From The Daily Mail:

He will return to Qatar next month to start 10th grade at Qatar Academy, a private school in Doha.

Ahmed showed off the clock on Monday during a news conference with his parents and attorneys.

‘For the safety of my family, I have to go back to Qatar, because right now it’s not very safe for my family or for anyone who’s a minority,’ Ahmed said during Monday’s news conference.

While in Texas, Ahmed said, he has to wear a hat, sunglasses and a hoodie.

‘I can’t walk out of the house without being covered up because I might get shot because that happens here,’ he said. ‘I really love the States. It’s my home. But I couldn’t stay. I get death threats.’

He added: ‘I have lost a lot of things. I lost my home, I lost my creativity because before I used to love building things but now I can’t. I lost my security.’

One has to wonder why he returned to spend the summer in Texas, what with all those death threats. On the other hand, who hasn’t had death threats? What’s a week without a few good death threats. I wouldn’t think I was doing my job if I didn’t get them. Still, you have to wonder why people living in fear of persecution and death threats, so frightened that they move thousands of miles away, would hold a news conference right in the heart of the land of the haters!

Here’s the best part of the story:

The teen’s parents, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed and Muna Ibrahim, have not found work yet in Qatar, so the family of eight is living in government housing and on food vouchers, Mohamed said on Monday.

Nice to know that “refugees” who emigrate to other countries, not just ours, end up on the dole, isn’t it?

Naturally, B. Hussein Obama wanted to shake this kid’s hand. He’s never met a victim of racist, Islamophic, imperialistic Amerika that he didn’t love.

Are we sure that we are getting the whole story here? No mention of the analysts who said this “invention” was a fraud?

And no mention of the fact that his father, the imam, is a bit of an Islamic activist who infamous debated Rev. Terry Jones back in 2011 at Rev. Jones’ “trial” for the Koran. It didn’t end well. The Koran ended up being set ablaze, which caused Muslims in Afghanistan, in that temperate way they have of reacting to perceived insults to their religion, started riots in which at least 20 people were killed.

The old man seems to have a need for attention, and lately litigation. Could that be the reason for his son’s “invention,” and his taking it to school? Good luck with this lawsuit with a Texas jury, Guys.

Is it just me, or are you sick of Muslims whining about their fears for their safety in the United States? If it’s so terrible here, how about going to one of those paradises on earth in the Middle East, and in the meantime, drinking up a big glass of STFU?


  1. The only thing missing is the explosive charge. Upon first seeing a picture of this contraption I was struck with the impression that young Clockmed was a bomb-maker in training. I can think of no practical application for this project other than as an IED. Who puts a clock in a briefcase for any other reason?

  2. Clock Boy’s family was lawyered up before he took his “invention” to school. The whole incident was a set-up from the beginning.

    A kid in Colorado got suspended from school for pointing his index finger and saying “Bang” while playing cops-and-robbers at recess. Two kids in Maryland got suspended for the same thing. A boy in Virginia got suspended for playing with a toy gun in his own yard (nowhere near school property). None of those kids was a Muslim, and none of them got invited to the White House.

  3. MMM… John, what could the connection be? I am scratching my head… Love the way the corrupt media just swallows the story with ZERO curiosity about the backstory that we want to know, and have pretty much figured out.

  4. So sad and depressing, but we must not let the Left dispirit us. Fight fight fight!

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