Boo Freakin’ Hoo! Race Baiting Head of Department of (In)Justice Eric Holder Whines at Al Sharpton’s Race-a-thon

For over two years, Obama’s fellow race-baiter Eric Holder has been stonewalling a request from Congress for documents that would explain why his (In)Justice Department withdrew a letter in February, 2011. That was the letter in which Holder’s department said that they had no involvement in gun walking into Mexico, which was clearly a lie to Congress. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has been trying to get answers, which so far Holder has refused to give.

So, NATURALLY, yesterday in front of Al Sharpton’s race confab, Eric Holder whined about how badly both he and the One have been treated.

And here’s what he was talking about. How dare a member of Congress ask him about his lawlessness?



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