Boston Bombers: Poster Boys for Slowing Down on Obama’s Amnesty Push. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 4-21-13

Boston bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Poster Boy for Not Proceeding with Amnesty for illegals

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston bombers

Also poster boy for the truth of the adage “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

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UPDATED: Top 10 Errors In The Gang of Eight’s Immigration Bill | Mediaite




‎ (the 844-page “comprehensive immigration reform” bill)

Outline of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (the 19-page summary of the immigration bill) – Six months after Sept. 11, hijackers’ visa approval letters received – March 13, 2002 (6 months after Mohammed Atta committed most notorious terrorist act in history, in which he was famously killed, INS sends his papers to his Florida flight school, proving just how efficient the federal government is at enforcing our immigration laws.)

VP: We ‘don’t have the time’ to charge background check lies | The Daily Caller (Caller Casey, who supports Obama’s gun grabbing agenda was unaware that Joe Biden admitted in January that they don’t have time to enforce existing background check laws)

NRA uses Justice memo to accuse Obama admin of wanting to confiscate guns – Washington Times (Obama administration admits that “universal background checks” are pointless without gun registration, something that is obvious to us. Also obvious: if this scheme were passed, after the next maniac commits mass murder, those who demanded these “universal background checks” will point out that for them to work, we need gun registration. Next step: confiscation

Sen. Joe Manchin still optimistic that gun control will pass – Washington Times (no time to let up!)

Bill Maher smacks liberal professor, explaining to him that claiming that Christianity and Islam are the same is “liberal BS.”

The Stupid is Strong in This One: Missouri’s Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Clueless) asks Homeland Sec. Secretary Janet Napolitano if there’s any difference between Sandy Hook murders and the Boston bombings

Boston bombs: Obama lulled America into false confidence over terror threat – Telegraph Boston Marathon bombing investigation turns to motive | Reuters (God help us. Here comes the inevitable hand-wringing and search for the “root causes” for the actions of these Islamic fanatics)

Chechen rebels’ ties to Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden – Kevin Cirilli – Chechnya, a hotbed of Islamic extremism, producing separatists with increasingly jihadist tone – Washington Times

Tale of two terrorists – (If Tsarnaev the Younger can recover sufficiently, maybe he can get a job in the Ivy League, just like cop killer Kathy Boudin, dear friend of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn)    


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