Boston Terror: Questions for The President

1) Mr. President, did the Cambridge police act stupidly this time?

2) What can be said about the prevalence of Communist organizations on the nation’s campuses?

3) Mr. President, are these two cold-blooded killers indicative of other Tea Party members?

4) Why wasn’t a ‘beer summit’ called for?

5) Will heads roll at the Immigration Service for allowing these two Chechen murderers into our nation?

6) Will the First Lady be vacationing in Chechnya?

7) Mr. President, with this Chechen attack, do you think our schools should be protected by armed guard to prevent another Beslan?

8) What advice has Henry Louis Gates given to the authorities to apprehend the suspects?

9) How can you expect us, the media, to pin this on the Right-wing?

10) When the police tell citizens to stay in their homes because armed men bent on murder are in the area, shouldn’t they be armed?

The Teri O'Brien Show