Bowe Bergdahl Puts His Burka on Just Like Any Other Woman

Well, OK, he says his “captors” put the burka on over a dress.

The New York Post reports on how much Bowe Bergdahl loved wearing a dress. 

One of Bowe Bergdahl’s most prized possessions during his five-year captivity with the Taliban — was a dress.

“When they moved me around, they’d put a girl’s dress over me and then a burka over me and then because anything I touched because I’m an infidel – everything I touch is dirty,” Bergdahl explained on the fourth episode of the popular podcast “Serial” Thursday.

“So thankfully they left the dress and the burka in the room so I was able to use that as warmth.”

What’s this stuff about his being an “infidel?” I thought he converted to Islam while in captivity. Is this “warmth” thing just an excuse for wearing women’s clothing? Are we looking at the next Caitlyn Jenner or Chelsea Manning? (Sorry to put those pictures in your heads, Kids.)

What does his Pashtun spouting, ponytailed old man think of this deserting fool wearing a dress?


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