BREAKING: Cologne Police Chief to Resign in the Wake of Migrant Sexual Assault Scandal

Despite attempt by PC-addled officials to cover it up, the truth about the migrants and the New Year’s Eve sexual assault rampage came out.

Migrants Cologne Germany

Migrants WERE involved in mass sexual assaults, after all! Shazaam!

From Sky News:

Cologne’s police chief is to resign following criticism over his handling of allegations of sex assaults and violence by migrants on New Year’s Eve.

More than half of the suspects identified by police investigating the assaults in the city are asylum seekers, Germany’s interior ministry has confirmed.

Ministry spokesman Tobias Plate told a news conference federal police had identified 31 people suspected of playing a role in the violence, 18 of whom were in the process of seeking asylum in Germany.…

He said of the 31 people questioned, nine had been Algerian, eight Moroccan, five Iranian, and four Syrian.

Two German citizens, an Iraqi, a Serb and a US citizen were also among those seen to have committed crimes during the night.

Read more, including information about similar crime sprees in other European countries.

More about this Cologne disaster here.

Let me ask again: Is this a preview of coming attractions? Are you OK with your safety, and that of your daughters and granddaughters, being jeopardized as part of Obama’s cynical, politically-motivated “remaking” of America?

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