BREAKING: Susan Rice, Who Misled the Nation, New Obama National Security Advisor

There is no Senate approval required for this promotion for the woman who did the “full Ginsberg” last September, 6 weeks before the presidential election, in order to try to sell a ludicrous cover story for a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. While it may look like a consolation prize for her not getting the Secretary of State gig, which went to John “Lurch” Kerry, perhaps not, as the Atlantic notes:

However, her new job puts her in position arguably more influential, giving her the President’s ear on almost daily basis and advising him on issues that go beyond mere diplomacy. What make the appointment even more satisfying for  (and galling to her critics) is that the National Security Adviser does not require Senate approval.

What’s that old saying “screw up and move up?” Ah that is how it may appear to you, Bitter Clinger, but remember in banana republics, personal loyalty to the Dear Leader, being a member of the correct ethnic and /or racial identity politics group, and knowing the right people always trump old-fashioned things like competence, integrity and honesty.

Barack has clearly chosen to surround himself with a protective coven consisting of extremely loyal apparatchiks like Rice, sleaze ball, Valerie Jarrett and others of that ilk. It’s the Chicago way.



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