BUSTED: RINO Claim That Their Hands Are Tied on Defunding Amnesty Blown Up by CRS

Cue the sad trombone. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s House of Representatives stooge, House Appropriations Committee chair Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), has been endlessly trying to pretend that Congress had no ability to defund the printing of green cards and other documents Emperor Barack has decreed by given to at least 5 million illegals. Now, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, an agency run out of the Library of Congress, says not so fast, thanks to the dogged work of Sen. Jeff Sessions. From the Daily Mail UK:

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republican’ top budget hawk, has unveiled a Nov. 21 memo from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explaining that Congress can legally strip funding from America’s immigration enforcement agency – including funds the agency raises on its own through fees it charges Americans and foreigners. …

Citing ‘Congress’s constitutional power over the purse,’ the CRS – Capitol Hill’s official nonpartisan research arm – instructed Sessions that lawmakers can pick and choose what executive branch agencies can spend money on.
‘An agency is not free simply to disregard’ those orders, the memo read.…

Some government agencies are funded by congressional ‘appropriations’ and others are ‘self-funded’ by fees, but the CRS memo indicates that Congress is in the driver’s seat no matter what.


We discussed the fact on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show (you can listen right here in the sidebar, player just to the right of the photos of yours truly at the top of the page). It would be absurd for an agency to be able escape Congressional oversight simply by claiming to be “self-funded.” The only reason any federal agency can collect fees is because they have been created through Congressional authorization.

Nice try, McConnell and your fellow big-government fans. Stand firm, Sen. Sessions and Sen. Cruz. The American people do not want this “transformational” amnesty, which Obama hopes to use to deliver the coups de grace to unfair, evil, racist Amerika by importing third-world people who don’t share our values of rugged individualism, and liberty.


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