But wait… I thought things were getting better?

The hits just keep on coming. First, we hear the usual Labor Department news releases regarding unemployment. Has anyone else noticed how every month the unemployment numbers are adjusted, usually in the wrong direction? Monthly first claim numbers that at one time would have been considered devastating are met today by a casual yawn. Then comes the usual re-assessment and new numbers of first time filers for unemployment, usually higher than the day or two before. It has become a habit for ol’ Brutus to allow the false euphoria to evaporate before making any statements regarding the economy. I really hate throwing ice water on this warm shower, but the fact remains that we are little better off than we were in 2009-2010. Companies are doing more with less as the spectre of Obamacare taxes loom large on the business horizon. It’s kind of like that final tidal wave scene in the hit movie “Perfect Storm.”

I’ll list various links to different news articles and government figures, but it’s almost becoming redundant. I could save you the pain and simply say that the real unemployment, as shown  in the U-6 Tables available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics  have been in double digits since  2008. 

Let’s not forget the current PC stand on illegal aliens (can I still say that?). This legal definition of our border invaders has been systematically watered-down, no doubt to soften up the public for the coming amnesty that the elites have been pushing for years.. First it was changed to “illegal immigrants” (as though to give them status on par with “legal” immigrants). Now the new “PC” term is to be “undocumented worker.” Or can we say, as Jay Leno did,  “Undocumented Democrat?” News Flash to Washington… According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics U-6 Tables, we have about 13.8% of the US working population either unemployed or underemployed. Instead of college grads having meaningful job prospects and the chance for prosperous futures, we have people with doctorate and law degrees asking “Would you like fries and a shake with that?”

As if the 13.8% real unemployment number weren’t bad enough, the building trades sector is performing even worse.  My educated guess would be to double or triple that figure.  Unfortunately, my pension would be at risk is I were to show the unemployment numbers for my union.  I am a Retired Tradesman, and I see how bad things are. In spite the brief tick upwards, the construction work outlook in the Chicago area is abysmal. There are simply too many skilled tradesmen in an ever shrinking market.

If you are interested, here is a great link to find-out what your area unemployment is.

Lastly, in 2011 USA Today ran an interactive map showing the number of actual taxpayers per state.  If you’re interested in the duration of unemployment, check out this link.

Last week’s BLS figures showed only 88,000 new jobs created. This number barely covers the attrition rate for people leaving the workforce into retirement. The Obama Administration can massage these numbers all they wish, but the bottom line is still the same. As usual, to get the real story, we need to go to the British press. 

Assuming that these maps and figures presented show the number of people actually employed, there were only two of the 50 states that had over 50% of their (non farm) working population employed. The ramifications from this revelation will be felt for a decade to be sure. There is an almost immediate cure for this American crisis, but that’s for another article.


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