Bystander Obama Tries to Distance Himself from His Own Stinky Economy

Yesterday, our Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama, praise be his name, dredged up the threadbare leftwing script to try to change the subject from his Obamacare fiasco, and appeal to his moonbat base.

As Lou Dobbs eloquently illustrates here, this clown has been in office for OVER FIVE YEARS! He owns this economy, and as brilliant as he is, he still hasn’t figured out that the plan he learned at the knee of Frank Marshall Davis isn’t exactly the recipe for prosperity. From a Washington Times’ piece by Ben Wolfgang entitled “Obama returns to class warfare as poll numbers plunge,”

Turning his attention yet again to the economy, President Obama on Wednesday zeroed in on the “defining challenge” of this generation — growing income inequality between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America.
But the president didn’t unveil any grand proposals to tackle the problem; instead, he repeated a laundry list of initiatives centered on many familiar themes: economic growth through government investment; job training and education reform; stronger protections for labor unions and paycheck fairness legislation; a hike to the minimum wage; and a revamped approach to how Americans save for retirement in private accounts and in government programs such as Social Security.
Although his speech was short on specific ideas, it was big on ambition. The president talked in broad terms about how the greatest nation on earth must not allow the middle class to stagnate and the poor to get poorer as rich Americans’ net worth grows.

When it’s time to change the subject, like all leftists he returns to the rotting corpse of Karl Marx, NATCH.

Gee, I wonder if these two grifters, Barack and Michelle, the two most successful race hustlers in the history of the United States, will spend a lot of time worrying about the Downtrodden and income inequality on their upcoming annual luxury Hawaiian vacation. Yes, even though the locals there are getting as fed up with Obama as the rest of the country, they are still going. On January 1, will he give a thought to the people losing the health insurance policies that he told them they could keep?

As of last year, the Obamas had spent over $20 million on their annual vacations to Hawaii. That figure includes two years when the First Klingon had to leave before her husband. Will we have to pay extra again this year to haul her ample posterior to Hawaii separate from her jug-eared husband? Stay tuned.

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