Can Conservatives Trust Mitt Romney? Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

After a good performance in last Thursday night’s Fox News debate, Mitt Romney received several important endorsements, including one from South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and the Des Moines Register. This morning, he made his first Sunday Show appearance in almost 2 years. Still, the former Massachusetts’ governors apparent rise, one nagging question remains: can conservatives trust Mitt Romney?

As we have been predicting, Christiane Amanpour’s days hosting ABC’s “This Week,” have come to an end, but not before one more opportunity at another town hall/debate. This morning the question was “Is There Too Much Government in Our Lives?” which seems like the biggest no-brainer since Meghan McCain. During this morning’s appearance, Rep. Paul Ryan demonstrated why so many conservatives swoon whenever his name is mentioned. Some even cling to hope that he will enter the 2012 presidential race, which of course will not happen. On the topic of income inequality, George Will exposed the real beneficiaries of the federal government’s income redistributionist policies, and it’s not Wall Street. In fact, for some of you reading this right now, it may be you. Rep. Barney Frank appeared to provide some comic relief.

There he goes again: Barack Obama apparently cannot resist trumpeting his awesomeness, first by giving himself a grade of A-, and now by ranking himself among the greatest presidents ever! We can expect that Mount Rushmore demolition can start any time.

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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