AUDIO: Candy Crowley to John McCain and Axelrod on September 30: Why Did It Take Them So Long to Call Benghazi Terrorism?

September 30, 2012: Question from Candy Crowley on her State of the Union program on CNN to John McCain:

“Let me turn your attention to overseas because I know that there are some things that concern you, but let me first ask you about Libya.the deaths of those four Americans including the American ambassador to Libya on September 11. Friday we got the administration’s sort of definitive statement that this now looks as though it was a pre-planned attack by a terrorist group some of whom were at least sympathetic to al Qaeda. Why do you think and are you bothered that it has taken them this long from September 11  until now to get to this conclusion?”

Here’s the audio:


Breitbart has the story also. I have seen Ms. Crowley on several post-debate tv appearances, and while I’ve heard her performance praised, no one has mentioned this glaring inconsistency.

Here’s the audio of Candy and Axelrod, which we played at approximately 5:01 Central time during the September 30, 2012 edition of the Teri O’Brien Show:


At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, I have to mention a thought that occurred to me, and wonder whether it occurred to you. Do you think that this non-factual “fact check” by the “moderator” was set up in advance? Is that why she was so hell-bent on not being a “fly on the wall?”


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