Why Can’t People Stay Home When They Are Sick?

I love sharing most things, but NOT viruses, which makes me furious that people who are sick refuse to stay home. What’s up with that?


Thanks for sharing!

I realize that many don’t know that the time that a person is most likely to spread a contagious disease is at the beginning when he first starts to feel sick. When you get that little tickle in your throat, or wake up with sniffles, that’s the day to stay home, away from other people who really don’t deserve to be infected. What did they do to you, after all? Here I am, down for the count, after spending the last couple of weeks with people who refuse to stay home when they are sick!

From Everyday Health:

 You have a contagious illness. As rotten as you feel right now, think about how bad you’ll feel if you do go to work and everyone else gets whatever you have, too. The problem, Dr. Fekete says, is that most of us are wrong about when to stay home. “The most contagious period is at the beginning, before you get really sick,” he says. So, if you go to bed feeling slightly sick, and wake up feeling a bit under the weather, that’s the day to stay home. The following days, when you actually will feel sicker, are days when you are less likely to share your contagious illness. Of course, if you work with vulnerable populations, such as hospitalized patients, elderly people, young children, or people with impaired immune systems, you may need to review your employer’s policies about when you can go back to work. And while you’re staying home, Fekete advises steering clear of other germy public situations, such as the grocery store, library, or movie theatre.

Movie theater? The way I feel I’m lucky to make it to the bathroom!

Of course, there are those who go to work knowing that they can make other people sick because “they have to.” Right. Because they are so indispensable. The world will end if they don’t show up hacking, sneezing, and otherwise spewing viruses all over the workplace. Forgive me if, as I lie here, blowing my nose every 7 seconds, unable to hear because my head is so full of slime, unable to talk because of a sore throat, I can’t sympathize.

If you are sick, please do EVERYONE a favor and stay home!

Do you agree, or do you think that sometimes you can’t avoid to going to work when you are sick?



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