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Dude, under the bus doesn't count. You get road rash. It's contagious like poison ivy, only different.

Dude, under the bus doesn’t count. You get road rash. It’s contagious like poison ivy, only different.

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I recall a debate with my ‘moderate’ brother involving the waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohamhed. When pressed on whether saving thousands of lives or the “harsh interrogation” of one murderer, he claimed the reason we don’t waterboard people has nothing to do with The Geneva Conventions but, rather, who we are as a people: “Americans just don’t treat people that way.”

At the time I thought that argument was silly, I still do. We all know what happens in the real world. When Judge Julius Hoffman bound and gagged the Chicago Seven, including Abbie Hoffman and Bobby Seale, to their chairs the world was outraged. That wouldn’t happen today. Today they would get a TAZER to the back of the neck. Courts of today have TAZERs built into the shackle-belts just for that contingency.

But War has nothing to do with courtroom antics and everything to do with how we survive as a nation. You cannot treat combat as law enforcement. Survival is the single most important responsibility of government’s agenda. Thus, intelligence becomes crucial. But we, as a free people, with Constitutional Rights are different than others- non-Americans- with no U.S. Constitutional Rights. When a government spies on its own people they are no longer free and that government becomes illegitimate.

I objected to the Patriot Act, not because I thought it was wrong, but rather, because in the wrong hands this sort of thing could happen.

That is why President Obama’s assertion that we must give up some of our Rights for our protection is so insidiously objectionable. Further, no American president can take Rights away, whether to look at my e-mail without a warrant or to grant citizenship to invaders that will dilute my vote at the ballot box. He certainly can dissolve government with an attempt, though.

So I ask your liberal readers, Teri, how would they react to a President Ryan giving the IRS marching orders to investigate unions and tree-hugging groups? Or eavesdropping on every reporter’s e-mail and phone calls? How about a reference to Chrissy Matthews as a co-conspirator in a Treason case filed by the next Attorney General, Sheriff Joe Arpiao?

Instead of  the “death panels” Sarah Palin warned us about, maybe we could have some “life panels”- where babies set for death by abortionists go before a panel headed by Governor Palin and, much like Governor Edwards, she could divine the baby’s wishes to live.

Much like the pension problem Illinois has, the nation cannot go forward with a government that is out of step and too big for the citizens to pay for. They may kick that can down the road awhile longer by borrowing money to pay for it, but that house of cards has numbered days. Throw in these egregious assaults on liberty and you have yourself a seasoned tinderbox.

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