VIDEO: Carly Fiorina: Affirmative Action is the Key to “Meritocracy”

Really? The way to meritocracy is affirmative action, requiring that there be a female and minority applicant for every position? What say you?


  1. That does it for me, after her birth right stance and this, she is off my short list

    • Yes, it’s very disappointing. Carly, Jeb and Scott Walker aren’t lawyers, and they are getting their interpretation of the 14th amendment from agenda-driven leftists, including, of course, the media. Carly is smart and articulate, but she’s wrong about affirmative action and birthright citizenship, both of which are extremely important issues, so I agree with you.

  2. I am very much against affirmative action but I think what she advocates is not affirmative action. Making an effort in having a diverse pool of applicants for a position and hiring the most qualified candidate is not affirmative action. Affirmative action would be to hire minority candidates that are less qualified than other non-minority candidates just for the sake of diversity.

    • Hi Ray,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure that your assertion is true because if the rule is that any time there is a job opening, there must be female and “minority” applicants interviewed, that means that even if the top candidates are all white males, some with inferior qualifications must be considered. And if the CEO has made clear that “diversity” is a priority for her, managers will bend over backwards to meet demographic criteria rather than simply hiring the most qualified people, without concern about their gender or race. I think Carly was wrong about this issue just as she is about birthright citizenship and the 14th amendment.

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