Carly Fiorina, Do You Still Believe Reverse Racism in Hiring Is How You Get a Meritocracy?

RaceCardHow exactly does Carly Fiorina’s required reverse racism in hiring fit with that meritocracy thing she claims she wanted?

On Monday, I posted video here of a portion of GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina’s interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. At the very end of this snippet, Carly explains her hiring policy while CEO at Hewlett Packard. When the company was considering applicants for positions, she required that a “diverse pool of qualified applicants” be interviewed because that’s “the best way to get a meritocracy.” In other words, none of this stuff like the Bill Clinton cabinet, as in a bunch of white guys. Women and minorities had to be included in the pool of candidates. I questioned, and continue to question, her reasoning here. Imagine the following scenario. HP needed to fill a management position.  The decision makers plan to interview 10 people. After all the resumes are submitted, the top 10 candidates, those with the most experience, skills or education, are all white guys. What then? They have to interview people who didn’t make the cut, reaching down to find at least one woman and one minority to interview. If this happens over and over again, of course, no doubt CEO Fiorina would want to know why. To avoid that scrutiny, her managers would no doubt feel compelled to hire lesser qualified women and minorities. How exactly does that fit with that meritocracy thing?

It doesn’t. Carly is as wrong about this issue as she is about the 14th amendment. It’s affirmative action, and if a minority or female who is not one of the best qualified people is hired, it’s the opposite of a meritocracy. It not only degrades the quality of the organization using it, but is terribly unfair to the more candidates who were passed over because of their skin color and/or gender.

Yesterday’s horrific murder of a reporter and cameraman by a embittered affirmative action hire, who was obsessed with his own sense of victimhood, shows an even uglier side of reverse racism. The murderer, “Bryce Williams,”aka Vester Lee Flanagan II, was hopelessly incompetent. Actually, that’s generous. He was incapable of doing the job, and there is no doubt that he would not have been hired but for his race. You know, like Barack Obama, who as it turns out he admired greatly, and didn’t mind showing it, even when he was supposed to be serving as an objective reporter. From the Daily Mail:

Court documents seen by reveal that Flanagan was repeatedly reprimanded for his unprofessional conduct, scored low on performance reviews for his ‘nervous’ on-air delivery, and was nicknamed the ‘human tape recorder’ for his tendency to parrot what interviewee told him, or read press releases unedited.

Flanagan was also once reprimanded by WDBJ editors for wearing an Obama campaign sticker on his jacket while reporting from an election booth in 2012, saying it ‘demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of your role as an on-air journalist’ and was a clear breach of impartiality rules.

I know what some of you are thinking; that is, at least this guy was honest about being in the tank for the Jackass-in-Chief. True, but he was too stupid and incompetent to know that wearing an Obama sticker while doing a report could get him in trouble.

I’m sure that Barack Obama, and his “race advisor” Al Sharpton, who incessantly stoke the fires of racial grievance for their own personal gain, don’t give a rats’ rear end if their irresponsible rhetoric can inspire rage in the mentally-imbalanced, rage that they might express by committing violent acts against innocent people. As Lenin famously said, if you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs, so what’s few innocent lives taken by a lunatic, enraged by liberalism, if it can further cause of “remaking” America?


  1. While I’m sure that Ms. Fiorina would make a competent President, at the very least far more competent than the current occupant, I can’t help but get the feeling that she is just another squishy pseudo-conservative RINO that would quickly crawl into bed with the establishment political class to this country’s great detriment. Even in the unlikely event that she becomes the Republican nominee I cannot see myself voting for her.

    • I agree with you, Robert, and it’s very disappointing because I thought Carly, so articulate and so smart, might be the answer.Sadly, based on her answers on birthright citizenship and affirmative action, I can’t support her.

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