Carter 2.0 to Iran-Give Nukes a Chance: Today The Teri O’Brien Show, 11-24-13

Whether it’s the democrats in the U.S. Senate, or the Iranians, going nuclear is all the rage.

In yet another brilliant move, the Dear Reader’s regime tells Iran “if you like your enriched uranium, you can keep your enriched uranium,” and, Bitter Clinger, unlike what he told you about your health insurance policy, your doctor, and your hospital, he isn’t lying to the Iranians. Perhaps, he’s confused. The speech that Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei  made last week, in which he called Israel a “rabid dog,” and accused the United States of war crimes, could have been written by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. A state sponsor of terrorism with a bomb. What could possibly go wrong? We’ve seen this movie before. It was called “North Korea,” and “Iran” is the sequel. Sec. of State John “Lurch” Kerry assures us that the deal does not include any “right to enrich” uranium. The Iranians disagree, and at least two senators say that the agreement includes a right to enrich. MMM …who to believe? A member of the Obama regime, or the Iranians? Tough call. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, will Barack tell us that he is sorry the world finds itself in a much more dangerous place because of assurances they got from him?

Meanwhile, the tiny man with the huge wallet is at it again. As if making idiotic remarks about the Time Square bomber, trying to micromanage our eating habits, and insinuating himself into elections thousands of miles from New York City weren’t enough, now he’s trying to get you to start heated arguments with your family on Thanksgiving. His gun grabbing group has helpfully put out a list of talking points for you to use. Are you game? No, and please don’t shoot me!

Obama’s lawless party continues its shredding of tradition and the rule of law, along with, of course, that pesky “document of negative liberties,” the Constitution. Their latest exercise of raw power is their suspension of the “advice and consent” provision contained in Art. II, Section 2 by invoking the so-called “nuclear option,” something Sen. Reid had agreed with Sen. Mitch McConnell (D-KY) that he would not do.

Be ahead of the curve. Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


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