Casey Anthony’s Jury and Obama’s

So, as it turns out, being a lying, potty-mouthed slut isn’t a capital offense.  Of course, we didn’t need the Casey Anthony verdict to reveal that fact.  One need only flip on the TV  to see that this is not your father’s popular culture. Today, not only is being a sexually-promiscuous, serial lying reprobate not a problem today, in the open sewer of our current popular culture, this sort of behavior is often the ticket to fame and fortune. Whether it’s Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen or a dozen other celebutards you can name, there are endless examples of a sad reality. For many the concepts of “shame” and “bad reputation” are as quaint and antiquated as the necessity of taking a chaperone along for any carriage ride after dusk. Brace yourselves. In this time when self-congratulation has replaced self-esteem, and being famous for being famous, regardless of the reason, Miss Anthony is positioned to score big. As the star of one of America’s most popular reality shows, she will be a hot commodity. She will probably walk out of jail tomorrow, into a world of big-buck book deals and the other rewards that fame bestows today.  Think Snookie, or one of those “Real Housewives,” with a little something extra. She will be living that “sweet life” memorialized in the tattoo she got when her daughter, thrown out like trash to rot in a swamp, was still “missing,” the subject of a nationwide search.

Even the jurors beat a speedy retreat from the courthouse. In fact, they got on a bus and got out of town. The National Enquirer or some other tabloid with a hefty checkbook no doubt awaits.

Some analysts suggest that this verdict resulted from the prosecution’s mistake; specifically, charging Casey Anthony with Murder One. Perhaps they should have gone with unauthorized practice of medicine for performing a really, really late term abortion. Others point to the lack of actual evidence of Caylee’s cause of death. The case against Tot Mom (H/T Nancy Grace, whose head, at least as far as we know, has not yet exploded) was circumstantial. Just because she didn’t report her daughter missing for over thirty days, and just because blamed a babysitter for Caylee’s disappearance, a babysitter who turned out not to exist, and just because searches “neck breaking” and “how to make chloroform” were found on her home computer, and just because she was the last person to see this innocent child alive, that doesn’t prove she murdered Caylee. The prosecution didn’t show the jury enough physical evidence, which absolutely would have been present if Casey were the killer. That’s the way it happens on “CSI,” no doubt one of the most popular shows among this jury panel.The takeaway: if you want to get away with murder, stall for time, time enough for that pesky physical evidence to be destroyed.

Yet circumstantial evidence is evidence, and in this case, it points to one person as being responsible for this murder. So why is Casey on her way to a life of celebrity and riches? The answer is in the advice that many long time court watchers give to defendants; that is, if you are innocent, seek a bench trial because a judge can follow evidence and logically reason to a rational conclusion. If you are guilty, take your chances with a jury. In the hands of a skilled defense attorney, twelve seemingly normal citizens can be transformed into an emotionally-driven mob, as disconnected from common sense and reality as Michael Moore at an all-you-eat buffet. You could ask O.J. Simpson, but you’d have to do it on visiting day at the Nevada jail where he’s currently cooling his heels. There must something about getting away with murder that inflates a pathological narcissist’s already huge ego, leading him to delusions of invincibility.

The current occupant of the Oval Office, a narcissistic, incompetent empty suit, elevated into an office for which he is completely unqualified on a wave of white guilt, media adulation and celebrity obsession, frequently appears to be living in a bubble, constructed of his own supercilious sense of self-satisfaction. He engages in stunning acts of blatant hypocrisy, most recently last week. Wagging his bony finger at members of Congress, the One lectured them on the need to stay in Washington and do the important job of solving the debt “crisis,” even mocking them by once again invoking his little kiddie human shields, Sasha and Malia. Mere moments after this stern scolding, Mr. “Get “er Done” boarded his government-funded private jet to attend the latest in what appears to be an endless series of fundraisers.


Like most criminal cases, Casey Anthony’s was decided in jury selection. Similarly, elections are decided, not by pre-election day polls, but by those who actually show up. The Obama campaign realizes that the “Hope and Change” hokum that worked so well in 2008 will land like a thud on the ears of most Americans this time. Most, but not all. Hence the repeat of what I like to call “the American Idol” strategy; that is, make sure that as many people whose only previous voting experience consists of texting in their choices on a Tuesday evening (Oooo!! That Scotty is so dreamy!!) turn out to vote for the Celebutard-in-Chief. The young, the ignorant, those subject to the glittering generalities served up by demagogues are the jurors that Obama will be looking for next year. That’s what things like today’s laughable Twitter town hall are all about.

He has chloroformed our Constitution and put duct tape over the engines of American prosperity with his policies. Will he be held accountable? Or will he continue to use George W. Bush as his George Anthony, the scapegoat for his failure? It depends on whether his Republican opponent can make a compelling closing argument, connecting the dots in a way that energizes Americans who realize that, while Casey Anthony may have a second chance, our country probably won’t.


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