CBO: Even After “Affordable Care Act,” 23 Million Uninsured by 2019.

Wait …I thought Barack Obama told us that his health care scheme was going to eliminate the problem of people not having health insurance. From The Cato Institute, by way of Intellectual Takeout:

And even by 2019, CBO expects there to be more than 23 million uninsured (see Figure 7). … About one-third of the uninsured would be illegal immigrants. But that would still leave 15–16 million legal, non-elderly U.S. residents without health insurance.”

As for that one third, the illegals, as we have noted frequently in this space, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, there is NOTHING in the proposed “comprehensive immigration reform” aka amnesty that would prevent the illegals given their “provisional” status from getting “free” health insurance, or at least a Medicaid card. (Good luck finding any health care provider to take it, of course.) Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) actually dropped out of Rep. Luis Guttierez’ (D-Open Borders) cozy little “Gang of 8” over this issue. From the WaPo:

Labrador said he decided to leave the group amid disagreements over who would be responsible for paying for health-care for immigrants.

What about those 15 million Americans left uninsured? Barack, what happened? I thought you fixed this issue once and for all!

The slow motion train wreck continues, as Barack Obama’s decades old plan to foist single-payer, government controlled health care on the peasants.

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