CBO Scores Amnesty Bill, and LSM Headlines Don’t Tell the Whole Story

You’re going to hear a lot of malarkey on Lo-Fo information outlets like ABC’s “Good Morning America,” trumpeting the alleged “good news” about the proposed “comprehensive immigration reform.” But, not so fast. After noting the Congressional Budget Office’s conclusion that “the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $197 billion over the next decade,” as reported by the National Review, the article notes that

Rubio has repeatedly idenitified this as a flaw in the current immigration system, and has said he would not support a reform bill unless “enforcement mechanisms are in place.”

On Tuesday, Rubio joined Democrats and six other Republicans to defeat an amendment to the bill that would have required the implementation of an entry-exit system to track visa overstays before illegal immigrants are granted legal status. Despite expressing his “support” for the “goal” of the amendment, offered by Senator David Vitter (R., La.), Rubio said in a statement that he opposed the amendment because it “delays the process of submitting illegal immigrants to background checks and the imposition of fines for having violated our immigration laws.” He promised to ”continue working with my Republican colleagues to improve the entry-exit system measures in the legislation.”

As we have often asked on The Teri O’Brien Show, how exactly does it help the American middle class, who has been struggling for the last several years trying to make ends meet with stagnating wages, to add millions of additional moderately and low skilled workers? As it turns out, it doesn’t. From the CBO report:

Relative to what would occur under current law, S. 744 would lower per capita GNP by 0.7 percent in 2023 and raise it by 0.2 percent in 2033, according to CBO’s central estimates. Per capita GNP would be less than 1 percent lower than under current law through 2031 because the increase in the population would be greater, proportionately, than the increase in output; after 2031, however, the opposite would be true.


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