CBP Commissioner to Border Patrol Agents: If You Don’t Like Obama Amnesty, Look for Another Job

Right, because we don’t need any troublemakers messing up Obama’s “transformation” of America through amnesty and “refugee” resettlement.


From The Washington Times:

Customs and Border Protection Commission R. Gil Kerlikowske told Border Patrol agents who object to President Obama’s amnesty policies that it’s time to “look for another job,” saying Tuesday that agents have to follow the orders of their superiors.

Mr. Kerlikowske was objecting to testimony last month from the Border Patrol labor union chief, who said under Mr. Obama agents have been told to restore the discredited “catch-and-release” policy from a decade ago.

Mr. Kerlikowske said that Brandon Judd, the Border patrol labor union chief, didn’t know what he was talking about, but Mr. Judd sounds right on target to me. He said

Mr. Judd said the releases are part of President Obama’s “priorities” program, which orders agents to worry chiefly about criminals, national security risks and illegal immigrants who came into the U.S. after Jan. 1, 2014. Mr. Judd said illegal immigrants without serious criminal convictions have learned that by claiming they came before 2014 — without even needing to show proof — they can be released immediately.

Mr. Kerlikowske, though, said Mr. Judd and fellow agents who object to Mr. Obama’s policies should be ushered out.

“Well if you really don’t want to follow the directions of your superiors, including the president of the United States and the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, then you really do need to look for another job,” he said.

Gee, that’s weird. I think that since Obama and his apparatchiks don’t want to do the job they were hired to do, specifically, to see that the laws are faithfully executed, they are the ones who should get other jobs, including most of all America’s first affirmative-action, empty suit chief executive, currently squatting in the Oval Office.amnesty

Shawn Moran, vice president of the NBPC, took “great offense” to the commissioner’s remarks.

“When it comes to catch and release, Border Patrol agents are the only ones following the law. The commissioner can dress it up any way he likes, but even though we are documenting people, they are being released into American society, never to be seen again,” Mr. Moran said.

Who do you believe, the Obama Regime’s mouthpiece or the Border Patrol representative? Please comment below.

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