VIDEO: Celebrate Earth Day by Watching Truth About Recycling (Hint: It’s BS)

Earth Day Reality Check. (Sorry, hippies, low information sentimental types, especially millennials)

Earlier today, I posted about my plans to celebrate crypto-commie “holiday,” Earth Day; specifically, by driving around in my SUV for no reason with the A/C blasting and the windows rolled down (and it’s only about 48 degrees today where I am).

If that’s not enough celebration for you, I recommend you watch these segments from Penn and Teller’s show, Bulls**t. (Warning: their language is not family-appropriate because they do swear a lot.)

Here they state the obvious; specifically, that when people talk about conserving paper and say foolish things like “save a tree,” to suggest that you should use less paper, they couldn’t be more wrong. The way to encourage the production of more trees is to use as much paper as possible, of course, because paper is a commercial product main from–wait for it–trees. Don’t get me wrong. I am trying to go paperless, and have killed 3 shredders, but if you love trees, you should make it your mission to not only use, but waste paper, as Penn and Teller explain here.

This segment from their recycling show is even better. Here they mess with some typical well-intentioned, mush-headed, emotionally-driven California citizens who have bought into the whole recycling baloney hook, line and sinker. It’s sad to see these poor souls made fools of, but it makes the point.

Sorry to once again throw the harsh, cold water of logic and common sense on the sweet, sentimental dupes, especially the millennials, who are especially predisposed to buy into this bunk, but somebody has to.

Excuse me, now I have to go turn on all the lights in my house, and get ready for my extra long shower.


  1. I think everyone should watch it. As I said about the clip I posted, it’s sad to watch those two well-intentioned people made fools of with all those recycling cans, but as you say, very enlightening. The other thing I liked about that episode, which unfortunately, I couldn’t find online, was the part where the government employee shilling for recycling cited the fact that government-run recycling programs were a good way to provide people with jobs that included health insurance! As if! As if the role of the government is to steal people’s money to create stupid, pointless make-work jobs for people! It’s outrageous!

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