Celebs Spew Junk Science BS About Vaccines, The Return of Anita Hill, and Guest Armstrong Williams: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-17-14



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Dan Pfeiffer, yesterday's White House mouthpiece, is the Lumpy Rutherford of the Regime.

Dan Pfeiffer, yesterday’s White House mouthpiece, is the Lumpy Rutherford of the Regime.

VIDEO: Why Authorities Think Missing Malaysian Plane Is Not A Re-Enactment of the Plot of “Lost,” But Quite Possibly Hijacked ( We posted this one last Friday by 9:30 am Central. Visit this site regularly so you can ahead of the curve.)

FCC targets black conservative in TV station fight – Washington Times


Mr. Pfeiffer is also a lot like this guy. My theory: he talks really really fast because he's afraid that, owing to his limited brain power, he will forget the talking points that he memorized

Mr. Pfeiffer is also a lot like this guy. My theory: he talks really really fast because he’s afraid that, owing to his limited brain power, he will forget the talking points that he memorized

Armstrong Williams (Arightside) on Twitter

The United States of Chicago

Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property | Fox News

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

FL 13 demonstrates that Obamacare is election poison for democrats. Republican David Jolly wins despite facts that (1) Dems handpicked opponent Alex Sink because (2) she had won the district during the recent governor’s race that she came close to winning (3) she had greater name recognition and (4) never having been in Congress, she never voted for Obamacare. Confident of victory, they poured millions into the race. Result? Dems lose. Why? His last campaign ad says it all: “She’s for Obamacare. I’m against it.”

Never Go Against the Family

National GOP turns on Florida candidate – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com (One factor I should also mention. the establishment GOP tried to throw Jolly under the bus the Friday before the election.)

Transcript: Sen. Dianne Feinstein says CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers – The Washington Post (Dem senator concerned about “separation of powers?” Is she a little troubled about what Obama has been doing for 5+ years, unilaterally deciding which laws to enforce, which parts of his “signature achievement” to throw out, etc.?)

Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler not vaccinating kids – chicagotribune.com (Do they really expect us to believe that an actress can read?)

CDC Study Debunks link between Vaccines and Autism | Passport Health Blog

Autism Rates Much Higher in Children with Older Moms | LiveScience

Pregnant women who gain a lot of weight may be more likely to have autistic child | Mail Online

The Decade of ‘Junk Science’ | Cato Institute ( “phantom risk litigation feeds on political manipulation, baseless media scare stories, unthinking public outrage, and plaintiffs’ attorneys’ financial incentives to bring speculative but potentially highly remunerative cases.” Yep.Read the whole thing to understand what’s behind this anti-vaccination foolishness. )

2nd Amendment Update

California gun store owner refuses to hand over customer list – Washington Times (more of Obama’s alphabet soup of tyranny. This time the ATF harass small businessman)

Administration adds major exemption for ObamaCare individual mandate | Fox News (Regime admits that Obama’s “signature achievement” is in itself a “hardship,” and effectively cancels the individual mandate. Why is White House answer to Lumpy Rutherford, Dan “The Law is Irrelevant” Pfeiffer claiming that the individual mandate will never be canceled?)

Anita Hill Is Celebrated in the Documentary ‘Anita’ – NYTimes.com (Seriously? Is this part of dem 2014 strategy to exploit the “women as victims” baloney that they have used very successfully in the past? Or is it just more liberal revisionist history for no reason other than their usual aversion to the truth?)

PBS – harvest of fear (Isn’t a tad insensitive for those living in the West, well-fed and content, to try to deprive people in Africa from having enough to eat by taking advantage of GMO technology? Yes, it is, and that’s being kind. There is no scientific evidence that GMO’s pose any health hazard.)

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