If You Want to Change the World, Make Your Bed in the Morning, and Other Life Lessons from a Navy SEAL Commander: The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-25-14


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Not much action on the Sunday shows this Memorial Day weekend, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t news. The One, hoping to change the subject from his miserable handling of the VA, did an Afghanistan pop in. What a contrast between Admiral William McRaven and the braying jackass masquerading as Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama! During this edition of the show we enjoyed some of the Admiral’s advice to the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014. Also, the inside story about the disturbed Santa Barbara shooter, who clearly not only suffered from narcissistic personality disorder, but also from the effects of being from a broken home with a frequently absent father. How does a boy learn to be a man without a father in the home? Clearly, we’ve had multiple examples that prove it’s not easy. Naturally, the usual suspects on the Left tried to exploit this tragedy. Gun grabbers tried to use this case as a reason for more restrictions on the freedom of law-abiding citizens, even though (1) California already has very strict gun laws, several of which this wacko violated and (2) notwithstanding what the media initially reported, he did not shoot 6 people. He killed 3 by stabbing them with knives. He seriously injured at least one victim by running over him with his Beamer. Militant feminists, always eager to be victims of “misogynistic” society seized on his comments about hating women who rejected him as evidence for their unhinged beliefs, neglecting to mention that he killed 3 MEN, and had planned to kill his little brother. The thing that stopped him was the fear that his rampage might coincide with one of those rare occasions that his dad was in town, in which case, he might have to kill his father. So, we’re back to square one.

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Ray J offers Kim Kardashian sex tape profits as wedding gift – Al Arabiya News (According to a smart friend who forgot she had a lot of smart choices on her phone or ipod, this is the sort of “news” that some terrestrial “conservative talk radio” stations spend their afternoon drive time reporting. Seriously?)


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