VIDEO: Brian McCann Testifies About the Chicago Murder of His Brother by Illegal Alien Drunk Driver

Making it possible for illegal alien criminals to kill innocent Americans: Just like their fellow travelers in San Francisco, radical leftists running the Cook County Board, including the disgraceful Board President Toni Preckwinkle and goofball Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia made the county a “sanctuary” country back 2011. In San Francisco, it was Kate Steinle. In Chicago, it was William “Denny” McCann.

As you know, I watched the hearings on sanctuary cities and violent crimes by illegal aliens held in the Senate Judiciary Committee where family members of victims testified (see here, for Laura Wilkerson’s riveting testimony about her 18 year-old son, Joshua, murdered and tortured by a “DREAMer” classmate) and here, to see Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) destroy ICE official Sarah Saldana). Here is the testimony of Denny McCann’s brother Brian.

From the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass:

On June 8, 2011, William McCann was walking across Kedzie Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood when he was struck by a black Dodge Neon driven by an alleged drunken driver.

A witness, Alberto Aceves, told the Tribune he heard the impact, then saw William McCann land on the windshield. The driver stepped on the gas, McCann hit the ground and the underbelly of the car caught him and dragged him north on Kedzie. Aceves recalled screaming, “Stop! The guy’s under your car!”

An off-duty police officer joined in the chase. Finally, after about a block and a half, the car stopped. The driver, Saul Chavez, then 35, tried to run.

William McCann was dead. Chavez was charged with aggravated driving under the influence — a felony — and authorities said his blood-alcohol content was 0.29 percent, nearly four times the legal limit.

He’d had already been convicted of drunken driving in 2009 and received two years’ probation.
As he sat in jail on the 2011 charge, federal officials filed what is called an immigration detainer for Chavez, requesting that ICE be notified if Chavez was to be released. But the Cook County Board under President Toni Preckwinkle and Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, pushing for votes, were coming up with a new sanctuary-city-style policy. It was aimed at ignoring federal detainer requests and allowing suspects in misdemeanor and felony cases to make bond, even if they were suspected flight risks. (emphasis mine)

Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider, who is now also the Illinois Republican Party chairman, warned that criminals would flee to Mexico. The Democrats laughed that off and voted for the new policy 10-5.

Bond in Chavez’s case was set at $250,000. Somehow he came up with $25,000 cash. He is thought to have fled back to Mexico.

Shortly after the 2012 election, one of my smart friends–I can’t recall which one because I have so many–stunned me by saying that she really liked Cook County Board President Preckwinkle. I was taken aback because I know that my friend’s opinion of Ms. Preckwinkle had to be based on her perception that the board president is a “nice person,” without any regard to the disastrous policies she has favored over the years, including the one that enabled the escape of the dirtbag who killed Denny McCann.

When we ask ourselves how our country got to this terrible place, with a Marxist squatting in the Oval Office, wreaking destruction domestically and internationally, we need to remember that a lot of our fellow citizens, even the smart ones with a lot of common sense, don’t always have time to get all the information they need to make intelligent decisions when it’s time to cast a ballot. Even “nice” people can be advocates for horrible ideas, and we elect them, we get to watch as they implement them. Isn’t that what is happening with Barack Hussein Obama? Not that he is actually a “nice” guy. He’s a cold-hearted, ruthless, serial-lying snake, but like all sociopaths, he can put on a convincing façade that will fool the uninformed and emotionally-driven.

Here’s the takeaway I would share with all my well-intentioned, if not best informed friends: if all you are going to do is vote, you should damn sure make sure that you are not voting for people who stand for things that you could never support. Ask yourself how you would feel if you voted for someone who enabled the murder of your loved one without knowing you had done so. Do you really think that’s ok? Don’t you owe it to your fellow citizens to do a better job than that?

As we always say on the show, quoting Jefferson, if a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. It may be comfortable to think that the country isn’t being destroyed because we can still shop and go to restaurants, but that’s probably not a fantasy that people like Ms. Wilkerson or Mr. Cann can engage in any longer.

Here’s how stupid this Preckwinkle woman is: after helping Barack Obama stab his political mentor, crypto-commie Alice Palmer in the back so that he could become a state senator, and being very helpful in getting him into the position he is in today, she soured on him because apparently she feels he’s “disloyal.” Ya think? Hey, Brainiac, that’s how he got into the Illinois State Senate and you helped him!

More on what a disaster Ms. Preckwinkle here (Marathon Pundit noting her flip flop on raising the sales tax, and making a gaffe at a downstate luncheon saying that Ronald Reagan deserved a special place in hell for his drug policy), and here (Illinois Review on her boneheaded idea for a “violence tax.)


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