Does The Chicago Sun-Times Really Expect Us to Believe This Guy Raped a Puppy? (Warning: Photo Not Appropriate for Sensitive Readers, or Anyone with Functioning Eyes)

This guy is accused of raping a puppy. Who could possibly believe that?

This guy is accused of raping a puppy. Who could possibly believe that?

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

 A southwestern Illinois man found mentally fit to stand trial on charges that he molested a puppy is waiting for court officials to decide if he’s a sexually dangerous person.

The (Alton) Telegraph reports 43-year-old Terry Davis has pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual conduct with a female Rottweiler puppy.

The former Alton man has been undergoing evaluations over whether he’s sexually dangerous. If he is deemed sexually dangerous during civil proceedings, he could be confined in prison until he no longer is considered dangerous.

A court-appointed psychologist has concluded that Davis isn’t sexually dangerous, but another psychologist hasn’t yet weighed in.

Oh by all means, let’s wait for that other headshrinker to give us a 2nd opinion. 

Davis has a record of sex offenses dating to 2003.

You’re hosing me!

Authorities say the dog became aggressive after the alleged incidents and had to be euthanized.

Sick, twisted bastard causes a puppy to have to be put down. Disgusting.


  1. Bubba is gunna find him purty. Bark like a dog, Mr. Davis. Woof! woof!

    Prolly couldn’t afford peanut butter like everyone else. Forget birth control pills, peanut butter should be offered by employers!

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