Chief Justice Roberts is Congress’ Bill Ayers

As our friend Jack Cashill has brilliantly discussed, anyone who has read even the tiny bit of Barack Obama’s available writing can plainly see that he managed to escape from his fancy Hawaiian prep school without learning basic grammar, syntax and proper English usage. (Some might suggest that being part of the Choom Gang wasn’t conducive to great academic performance.) When he got to the Ivy League, no doubt his professors helpfully provided the ideological justification he needed to continue assiduously avoiding these silly, creativity-stifling rules set out by dead white European males. I can just see the young, affirmative-assisted Barry-Barack proclaiming “I will not be bound by the Man’s attempt to keep us down, be it by that archaic document of “negative rights” called the U.S. Constitution or by their trying to tell us how to say stuff!”

The problem was that, as personally satisfying as that self-righteous victimhood no doubt felt, it left him a semi-literate. When it was time to deliver a book to the publisher who had given him an advance, he found himself with a big box of notes, index cards and incomplete false starts. Enter the guy from the neighborhood, Bill Ayers. Barack schlepped his box of confusion down the street and asked Professor Ayers to make something of the incoherent mess. Ayers created Barack Obama’s fascinating, multi-cultural journey, and the Obama brand was born. In 2008, the American public elected a fictional character.

In his opinion declaring the Affordable Care Act constitutional, Chief Justice Roberts performed the same function for Congress. Like a good book doctor, he took a confused pile of incomplete legislative mess and helpfully rewrote it. In the process, he gave Barack Obama political cover, paving the way for him just as Ayers had before.

As we noted here, and on yesterday’s show, the Chief Justice was willing to violate his oath of office, and to write a nakedly political decision. It was a cowardly act, in which he used ridiculous sophistry to avoid his Constitutional responsibility, because he didn’t want to be the one who made the decision. Never mind that making hard decisions that will probably enrage millions is right there in the job description.

We have less than 4 months to do the ultimate rewrite.


  1. The silver lining in this, if there can be said to be one, is that this will mobilize normal people to do what is right and throw the bums out this november.

    Pitiablly, we’re replacing them with another set of bums, but we got here incrementally, and we can increment our way back out, if we’re patient and never stop fighting.

    • I hope you’re right. It’s our last chance. I believe that Obama will be soundly beaten in November, and I cannot wait!

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