What China’s “Black Children” Teach Us About Health Care as a “Right”

I think we all know that liberals live in a constant state of outrage over all the invidious discrimination, social injustice, racism, sexism, homophobia, income inequality, climate change, and any other damn imaginary beef that they can think of to explain why America sucks. Recently, their favorite complaints arise from their desperate attempts to defend the indefensible; that is, Barack Obama’s heinous, collapsing health care scheme, which he called “Obamacare” before he didn’t and then did again. So, when they aren’t whining about the fact that every single person in America is not yet on food stamps, Democrats incessantly repeat the moronic talking point that we must have Obamacare because “health care is a right.” It should be obvious, even to people with only a few more functioning brain cells than the average liberal, otherwise known as half wits, that if health care is a “right,” then doctors and other health care providers are obligated to do their work for others, even involuntarily, a system that is commonly known as “slavery.” When that fact is pointed out to liberals, they predictably react with—wait for it—outrage, designed to stop any serious conversation dead in its tracks. “Slavery!! How dare you mention slavery!” they bellow, hoping to distract anyone from connecting the dots. (Sometimes, even at the mention of the word “slavery,” they get so unhinged that they say things that are so revolting and offensive that they get fired from their low-rated tv shows on the 24/7 insane asylum, MS-NBC.) Here’s what they can’t have people realizing: “If I have a right to make a doctor treat me, then doesn’t that mean he or she might have to work against his or her will? Wait a second. Isn’t that the definition of slavery?” Yes, it is. Liberals know that they can’t win that argument, so they throw hissy fits to stop anyone from debating the point.

So, yes, if health care is a “right,” it is a “right” granted by government. As such, health care providers are not free to practice their professions as they see fit. The government can dictate which patients they see, how much they are paid, and even where they practice. If you’re thinking “oh, that’s great. Damn greedy doctors,” to that I say first, Barack, I didn’t know you read Illinois Review! Second, Sparky, I’ve got a news bulletin for you. Here’s another dot that we all need to connect under this scenario. The benevolent government that gives you the “right” to health care can turn around and deny that “right.” In the abstract, you might realize that fact. For people in the People’s Republic of China, it’s no abstraction. Just ask Liu Fei . From Reuters:

Chinese warehouse worker Liu Fei was fined 330,000 yuan ($54,200), or 14 times her yearly wage, for having a second child and her failure to pay means the boy has no access to basic rights like schooling and healthcare.

Liu’s desperation prompted a fruitless attempt to sell her kidney and her 8-year-old boy’s plea to sell his instead.

Their dilemma has now triggered a rare legal battle against the police for denying the boy a “hukou” – household registration – due to strict family planning laws. …

Liu’s inability to pay the fine has left her son, Xiaojie, without an official identity. Family planning officials in Beijing told Liu in 2011 she would not be able to obtain a “hukou” if she did not pay up.

“When I saw (the fine), I thought this was inconceivable,” a tearful Liu, 41, told Reuters. “I had no idea I would be fined so much. If I had known, I would never have given birth.”

Liu’s ordeal underscores the punitive nature of China’s family planning policy, beyond the more well-known stories of forced abortions and sterilizations, and highlights the plight of an estimated 13 million undocumented children, known as “black children”.

And liberals tell us that black children and the “undocumented” in the United States have it tough? Who knew that China had 13 million “undocumented” people? Have they spoken to John Boehner’s new immigration adviser Rebecca Tallent? Maybe she can help them with amnesty, too. Or perhaps they aren’t interested in doing anything about this situation. After all, in 2012, they collected $2.7 million in these “social support fees.” Surprisingly, the funds collected don’t actually end up being used “for the children.” They end up in the pockets of local officials. From the Reuters story:

The fine, known as the “social support fee,” is meant to go towards the government budget to compensate for resources and public services the child would use, according to state news agency Xinhua.

But there is mounting anger at the lack of transparency as to where the fees, which amounted to more than 16.5 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) in 2012, end up, according to Wu Youshui, a lawyer based in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

Wu said local officials had told him the fines were often either returned to village and township governments as rewards, or kept by county family planning commission officials “for their own expenses”.

“The less developed the area, the more dependent the government is on birth-control fines, because they have very little tax revenue,” he said. “Some village and township officials have told me explicitly: ‘This is how we make money.'”

More about how this money is unaccounted for here, in of all places, the Liberal Death Star.

So, in a socialist paradise where health care is a “right,” an 8 year-old child is denied that “right” because he was born without permission of the all-powerful State, and that all-powerful State steals money from its citizens on the pretext of taking care of “the children.” In fact, according to Chinese opponents of this policy, they are like  puppies or kittens, not even human beings because they don’t have government-issued papers. There is a bright side, though. At least Liu Fei’s child didn’t end up like this victim of China’s “family planning” policies, (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO) after government officials abducted her, and after subjecting her to beatings, administered a forced abortion, which I don’t think even liberals would consider an exercise of her “right to choose.”

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  1. I couldn’t disagree more, Diane. The dots that you need to connect are (1) the government granting “rights” to health care and education means that (2) the government can take those “rights” away. This 8 year old child is a non-person because his parents violated an edit from the all-powerful state. That’s where this sort of thing leads.

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