Chris Christie to Obama a Week Ago: I’m Tired of Waiting for You to Figure it Out

The gang over at the 24/7 televised insane asylum, MS-NBC, were in full swoon mode yesterday over New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s praise of Barack Obama’s handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Chris Matthews hasn’t been this proud of a Republican since Sen. John McCain admonished that woman at a 2008 town hall not to say mean things about the guy McCain was in the process of trying to lose the election to.

Hold on. Just a little over a week ago, in a Virginia campaign appearance on behalf of Mitt Romney, Gov. Chris Christie said Barack Obama looks like a man “like a man in a dark room, clutching for the light switch of leadership, blindly walking around the White House looking for a clue.” Check out the video here:

The only thing that has changed is that Gov. Christie is looking out for Number 1. Not only does his effusive praise of the One allow him to position himself as Mr. Independent, and Mr. Work-Across-the-Aisle, it also allows him to exact a price; specifically I’m quite sure he said something like the following: “Mr. President, let me lay it on the line, here. You show up with a very large bag of money that will help New Jersey rebuild, and help me get re-elected while positioning myself as a problem-solving leader, and I’ll say whatever you want.”

He’s a politician, and as Woody Allen once accurately said, their ethics are a half-notch below child molester.


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