Chris Harper Mercer, Roseburg Shooter, Was Linked on MySpace to Islamic Fanatic


Here’s the caption included in this photo from Mahmoud Ali Ehsani’s profile: “The Mujahideen freedom fighters of Palestine. My brothers and sisters keep on doing your thing. Allahu Akbar.”

As we suspected, Roseburg shooter had sympathies with Islamic fanatics.


Yesterday, after reports emerged on various media outlets that the Roseburg shooter targeted Christians, while at the same time withholding his name, some of us naturally speculated that he might be one of those Islamic fanatics that we’ve heard something about in the last few years. When his name, Chris Harper Mercer, emerged some said “oh, never mind that Muslim thing.” Except now we find this (H/T SL Mensa), a connection on Mercer’s profile to this guy, Mahmoud Ali Ahsani. Check out the photos and note the URL.

Gee, I didn’t notice the Jackass-in-Chief mention this targeting of Christians when he re-emerged from wherever it is he’s been hiding to avoid answering questions about how Vladimir Putin has been humiliating him all week to exploit this shooting. Never let a crisis go to waste, doncha know. He made his usual inaccurate and ignorant remarks about our 2nd amendment rights, and neglected to mention the amazing coincidence that these mass shootings he bemoans happen in so-called “gun free zones.” Coincidence, Brainiac?

Have I mentioned what an embarrassment this braying jackass Obama is lately?


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